Refugees detained at US airports after Trump exec order


Refugees traveling into the U.S. on Friday night were being detained at airports after President Trump’s executive order immediately closed the nation’s borders to refugees.

Two Iraqi refugees detained at Kennedy Airport in New York have filed a writ of habeas corpus seeking to be released, The New York Times reported Saturday.

One of the Iraqis detained at Kennedy Airport, Khalid Darweesh, has worked for the U.S. government in Iraq for 10 years, according to the Times report.
The other detainee Haider Sameer Abdulkhaleq Alshawi was arriving to the U.S. to join his wife, a U.S. contractor, and his young son.
The men were on separate flights into the U.S.

I’m not sure how this action makes America safe or great. The New York Times reports that these men were in transit as the executive order was signed.

Pope John Paul was against the invasion of Iraq. We invade anyway.

Pope Francis speaks of accepting refugees as a moral good, we arrest two gentlemen who have already been vetted, one worked for the US government.


I’m ashamed.


Tragic. Trump is very much at odds with the bishops and the Pope on a score of issues.
But be careful. Criticism of Trump is not well received on this board.


Hopefully this is just a short, temporary, administrative hurdle.


Doesn’t make sense. If they’ve already been vetted, they should be allowed to stay.


Trump’s order is also preventing permanent residents who are Green Card holders from entering the country. These are people who already live in the US but happened to be out of the country. Many of these people are married to US citizens. I read this morning that 185 employees of Google are unable to enter the country.


Anyone who supports this is disgusting sorry.

This is a stain on americas history.


When it hits you that this isn’t about security but islamohobia and vilification of brown people.


Catholics have a choice:
Listen to your Pope or King Donald.
Choose this day whom you will serve.


Immigration lawyers for a few weeks had been advising green card holders not to leave the country, even prior to the executive order being issued. (At that time it wasn’t entirely clear how wide the scope of the order would be, so lawyers suggested being very cautious.)

Wise advice from the lawyers, of course, but I certainly wish that their advice wasn’t necessary.

Whatever one thinks of the wisdom of restricting refugees from those countries, to bar those who were already vetted and received visas, those who were already in transit to the USA, and those who already legally reside in the USA – that is cruel.


This is all so cruel.


I agree with you on that… My point was that even those who support a temporary bar on refugees (at all or from certain countries) ought to be able to acknowledge at minimum that it is cruel to bar those who were already in transit, already vetted and received visas (and one worked for the US government for 10 years), not to mention foreigners already legally residing in the US on green cards or other visas.


Catholics are divided on Trump - but we NEED to speak out loudly against specific items like this we can all agree on.


THIS from Dara Lind:

The EO permits the US to admit refugees who were in transit when signed. It’s the same graf exempting religious minorities.

Dara Lind thinks:

It is hard not to conclude that this EO is being taken by border agents as a cover to do what they want.

By the way Dara Lind writes for Vox, which is not exactly known for being a right-wing outlet.

I don’t know if that’s true regarding the border agents, but it looks like there is nothing in the Executive Order signed by Donald Trump that would bar refugees who were already travelling to the USA from not gaining entry. I don’t know when those refugees started travelling but if you doubt this, **point to text in the executive order that would bar refugees travelling to the USA when it was signed? **

What happened with the people being detained could be a simple misunderstanding on the part of the border agents.


CNN is reporting that one of the men, Darweesh (who worked for the US government for 10 years), has been released from immigration detention. “There is no word on whether he is free to go or if he is being released to get back on a plane.”


I just read on twitter that one of the refugees has been released from detention. If it violated the executive order I don’t think that person would have been released.


What Mr. Trump did is probably illegal. According to the New York Times:

President Trump signed an executive order on Friday that purports to bar for at least 90 days almost all permanent immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries, including Syria and Iraq, and asserts the power to extend the ban indefinitely.

But the order is illegal. More than 50 years ago, Congress outlawed such discrimination against immigrants based on national origin.

That decision came after a long and shameful history in this country of barring immigrants based on where they came from. Starting in the late 19th century, laws excluded all Chinese, almost all Japanese, then all Asians in the so-called Asiatic Barred Zone. Finally, in 1924, Congress created a comprehensive “national-origins system,” skewing immigration quotas to benefit Western Europeans and to exclude most Eastern Europeans, almost all Asians, and Africans.

Mr. Trump appears to want to reinstate a new type of Asiatic Barred Zone by executive order, but there is just one problem: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 banned all discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin, replacing the old prejudicial system and giving each country an equal shot at the quotas. In signing the new law, President Lyndon B. Johnson said that “the harsh injustice” of the national-origins quota system had been “abolished.”


Via Justin Miller:

“I like him, he’s the president, I work for the government.” - Hameed Darwesh, detained at JFK, on Trump


Read this piece by martial-arts legend Chuck Norris about immigration.


Thanks for Chuck Norris’s take on a serious issue.


Thanks for clearing this up. There will inevitably be confusion about this - and I expect active resistance from some custom officials, not to mention the left, press, etc. Having said that, I hope the Trump administration understands the complexity of this issue and the pitfalls of mishandling it. They have plenty of powerful enemies, very few friends on this. I give them the benefit of the doubt, but they need to be wise as serpents, innocent as doves. I am ok with vetting from so called terrorist countries and I don’t think that constitutes a ‘ban on Muslims’ but the proof is in the pudding.

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