Refund Dilemma--what would you do?

I recently replaced both my color and black ink cartridges in my printer b/c they were low on ink. When I replaced them, I got an error message that said, “Print cartridge problem”. I finally figured out it was the color cartridge that was the problem. I did an internet search and found that when this happens you’re supposed to clean both the copper contacts on the cartridge and the contacts inside the printer with distilled water and a q-tip and let it dry, then try installing the cartridge again. I did that. No luck. So I repeated the process. Only this time I don’t think I allowed enough time for everything to dry before reinstalling the cartridge b/c by this time I was getting impatient. Still no luck. I even tried pressing the ink pad down on a damp paper towel b/c I read somewhere that it might get the ink flowing. That didn’t work either. I took the cartridge out of the printer and was thinking of returning it to the store, but I worried that I might have accidentally touched the contacts or the ink pad when I installed it,although I really can’t remember, and I didn’t want to get a refund if it was my fault the cartridge didn’t work. So I just left the cartridge out overnight because I couldn’t decide what to do, and the next day I tried to reinstall the cartridge and I “reset” the printer by unplugging the printer and restarting the computer as someone had suggested, to see if that might do the trick. That didn’t work either, so I installed a new color cartridge and it worked just fine. I was just going to throw the old cartridge away, but then I thought it would be disrespectful to my husband to throw it away b/c he has to work an hour in the hot sun to bring home $20.00. So I contacted the printer company, and they are sending me a replacement cartridge. But now that I have reread the directions on how to clean the cartridge and the printer, I think maybe I got the q-tips too wet. I also was aware at the time that I may not have let everything dry completely before reinstalling the cartridge. And then there’s the issue of letting the ink cartridge sit out overnight before trying to reset the printer. In other words, I’m STILL concerned that the cartridge not working is my fault b/c I didn’t follow the corrective steps as I should have. When I asked the company for the refund, I was aware that the cartridge not working might be my fault, but I also reasoned that it may just as likely have been a bad cartridge to begin with. Now I am contemplating sending the cartridge back as soon as I get it. I have these feelings that I’m getting the cartridge dishonestly. What would you do?

This is a serious level of scrupulosity.

What would I do? Same thing you did, call and get a refund/replacement.

I agree with 1ke. It sounds like you are being scrupulous. A new ink cartridge should work out of the box without you having to take all those steps. If it doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong with calling for a refund or replacement.

Agreed. And the fact that the company is sending you a replacement with no trouble means they agree too.

It should work the first time without a problem, and if it doesn’t, its not your fault.

I love that you think that way :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about ink cartridges and all that, but some other people have already commented that they should work right out of the box so I hope their answers ease your anxiety. I get scrupulous over little things like that too.

Just last month I told a guy who was contracting me for a job that I did not earn 8 hours of pay the previous day because we ran out of work to do for awhile at the location that he sent me, but I could not just leave.I asked him to please only pay me for 7 hours. He told me he appreciated it, but that I had to get paid the full 8 hours, because it is THEIR fault If they send me to do something but there is not enough work to keep me busy for the full time. I guess you can relate this story to your situation in that even if you did not do all that process right it is THEIR responsibility to sell you a cartridge that works off the bat. I did still just donate the money that I felt I did not earn to The Church though :stuck_out_tongue: Not necessary, but it made me feel better.

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