Refusing to watch TV shows with gay actors/actresses... is that moral?

I know some people who refuse to watch TV shows with gay actors and actresses. Is this moral? Is it an okay way to think? I totally understand opposing the homosexual lifestyle and refusing to watch TV shows and movies that support that lifestyle, but what about refusing to watch TV shows simply because one of the actors is gay, even if there is nothing supporting the homosexual lifestyle in the actual show? This strikes me as a little odd, almost like discrimination. I know it is one’s own choice to decide what they watch, but to choose not to watch something because of the sexual orientation of one of the cast members seems almost like actual bigotry.


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that would be discrimination. to me that’s eerily similar to refusing to listen to a musician because he/she may be muslim even if their music has nothing to do with islam


Got it!

And I see your understanding.


Unfortunately, these people would do stuff like that as well. They also refuse to acknowledge anything with liberals in it (even if there is nothing liberal being supported).


That’s just bigotry.


I grew up in a community with those ideals, although I do not have those convictions personally.

Examples would be like not listening to Elton John’s music and not buying the Lion King movie as Elton John wrote the score. You wouldn’t want to support his livelihood.

I know some who went so far as to no longer watch Tom Hanks due to his role in Philadelphia.

When i hear of discrimination my mind always goes to the woman at the well.


You need to leave these people in their little Fortress of Resentment and Sadness. They sound awful.

But some people get a charge out of making some pointless moral stand out of everything and then acting like martyrs, I suppose.


It depends. Does the actor him or herself openly support sexual indecency?

Also, how do they know what the show is about without watching it?


It’s not bigotry. It’s homophobia, based in sanctimony.


There is nothing wrong with not wanting to watch an actor or actress because of their lifestyle. No one is hating the person.

Besides, why would not watching a TV show be a sin anyway? Say I don’t like Robert Downey Jr. and don’t watch his movies because I think he is a jerk. Sin? I don’t think so.


I don’t think it’s sinful as much as I think it’s dumb. I mean, my dentist is a Mormon. Should I get all sanctimonious and huff and puff about how I’m not going to patronize the business of a heretic? It just seems like silly posturing to me. I think Mormonism is heretical, but I also think he’s a nice guy and a competent dentist, and I don’t think that letting someone clean your teeth (or, in this case, watching someone act in a movie) is somehow an endorsement of all of their behavior/beliefs.


Well, would you watch a show where gay person lived a life of chastity and went to a Catholic Church?

Maybe you just mean shows that promote homosexual behaviour.


Ignore this virtue-signaling comment. Thanks.




(quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog blah blah blah 10 characters…)

It is an ignorant attitude to have.


Sounds like there’s a deeper issue at work in the one refusing to watch the show. It could be a number of things. But, whatever it is, it should be respected.

If you dont watch shows/movies with gay actors/actresses, you are going to watch very few shows/movies.

People realize that watching a gay actor does not make them gay, right? They know it doesn’t work that way?


It seems to me that if one knows the sexual preferences of other people, actors or not, then one has too much information. If the actor insists on making everything known, they are giving too uch information. But then, we live in an era of TMI and NEP (not enough privacy.)


I would avoid the people who hate gays on purpose.

In the case of children, it’s better they not watch shows like Ellen because they don’t get the right clues on how a woman should look and act; more importantly, Ellen is constantly pushing the gay agenda.

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