Refuting Mormons, JW's and Muslims


I’ve lost some bookmarks I had before for websites to go to for the beliefs of Mormons, JW’s and Muslims and how they are refuted by Catholics. These sites were given by posters in these forums a while back but I can’t find them.


Here’s one regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses:


Great. That’s the one.
Okay. One down, two to go. :slight_smile:


Here is a Catholic link refuting the Mormon’s Great Apostasy theory:


Here is another website you might find helpful:


thanks. just need the islam one now.


It’s there on the same website


Hey, there’s a serious problem here. This website claims to be Catholic but has a link to an anti-Catholic website which says that the pope is the devil! Be WARNED!


Correction, the reference to the anti-Catholic website comes in the “ads by Google” section. If they are genuinely Catholic, they should not allow such ads.


Thanks but I can’t find what I’m looking for on that site. Where it says Islam Examined it doesn’t really say anything.
The site I’m looking states the things that contradict Catholic beliefs and then with one by one refutation of these by Catholics.


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