Refuting "The Secret"

Hi everyone,
I have an otherwise observant Catholic aunt that has become enamored with the Law of Attraction, which I assume she was exposed to via the book “The Secret”.

I happened to draw her name in our family Christmas drawing, and I’d like to give her a book or some other resource that provides a gentle but clear treatment of why this departs from Catholic teaching. She has expressed some resistance to my objections regarding this topic, so I need something that is as non-confrontational as possible.

I was thinking perhaps “Catholics and the New Age” by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, but I am concerned that this might not directly address the Law of Attraction.

Can any of you recommend a book or DVD resource that might help her and not scare her off?

Thanks and God Bless,

I have a relative who is into the secret and I’ve seen the damage it can do. If, however, I got her name for a gift exchange the last thing I would get her is something that might make her feel that I don’t like something that is important to her.

I would rather get her something that she needed or something that would delight her. If someone gave me a book about how wrong the Catholic faith is, I would never read it (not even for “research”) and be less inclined to listen to anything that person had to say to me. If you wish to give her a book chose one that you think she would enjoy not one that will continue the debate.

If you still want to give her a book that is counter to the Secret, I humbly suggest you do it outside of the Christmas season.

Thanks for the reply. I plan on giving her a proper gift that will delight her, however I was hoping to add this as something extra to help her. I have done this in the past and it was effective (for non-religious topics), and I don’t expect this to do any harm.

Do you have any suggestions or resources that might help me to refute “The Secret”?

I am someone that was big into the Laws of attraction before I came back to the faith. I myself scolded and refused to listen to people who told me in one way or another that the Laws of Attraction and thus The Secret goes against the Catholic Faith and thus Christianity in general.

I think that a good and free resource you can show her why the Laws of Attraction are not compatible with Catholicism is simply by listening to Catholic Answer’s own Sharon Lee Giganti

You can check her out in her own website The New Age deception You can also find videos in youtube or in Catholic Answers videos.

From Her own Website Bio

Sharon Lee Giganti, a former Miss San Diego County and runner-up to Miss California, left Hollywood at the height of her success (guest-starring in over 20 top television shows and co-starring in several films) to pursue a “Higher Purpose”. Believing that she had found the true way to serve God
through a channelled spirit named, Abraham and the New Age “bible” known as, A Course in Miracles, she had intended to teach “a new and more enlightened way to be loving” with these popular Law of Attraction and New Thought philosophies.

But by 1999, disillusioned with the devastation these teachings so often produced, she realized they were deceptive and lacked the real presence of Jesus Christ. Thankfully, Sharon’s diligent search for Truth began to lead her home; to authentic Christianity, and when tragedy struck her family in the year 2000-- she walked away from the world of “New Thought” for good.

During a time of incredible loss, (the murder of her infant nephew and subsequent life sentencing of her brother, the suicide of one of her New Thought students, and the mental collapse of another; resulting in her being committed to a psychiatric ward) Sharon says she saw clearly, as if for the first time, the very real consequences of sin and the true teachings of the Bible playing out right before her eyes amid the tragic events surrounding her. With courageous honesty, she reveals how her “New Age” influence may have unwittingly played a part in these tragedies - and how God’s Saving Word brought her out of that spiritual darkness and into the Light of Truth!

In 2003, as a frequent guest on live radio with such well respected hosts as Jeff Cavins and Teresa Tomeo, Sharon began warning others of the dangers of counter-Christian secular influence and false New Age doctrine - the very same ideologies that are now being heavily promoted by Oprah Winfrey, in teachings such as: A Course in Miracles, The Secret, the “Law of Attraction” philosophy of “Abraham-Hicks”, and Author, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. Sharon has also been a guest speaker for many Church organizations and gatherings, including three chapters of the international “Magnificat” ministry for Catholic Women.

Now a certified Catholic catechist, a novice with the Holy Family Institute, and a regular guest on Catholic Answers Live Radio, Sharon’s powerful message is currently heard world-wide via their global broadcast through EWTN. Using stories drawn from her own personal experiences, and those of her former students, (she was a dedicated Course in Miracles devotee, and became known as an “Abraham Ambassador” teaching “Law of Attraction” workshops) Sharon gives an eye-witness account of the devastation that often follows when the New Thought Movement’s most poisonous principles are applied in every day life.

In 2008, Catholic Answers recorded her 3 hour interview with renowned apologist, Jimmy Akin,
entitled, “Oprah: Televangelist of New Age Deception” to help spread the word.
Her message is very timely as these infectious ideologies are spreading rapidly and contaminating much of our culture’s worldview. Sharon warns that, if they are not countered, corruption and misery on a massive scale will surely follow.

With her testimony, Sharon seeks to avert this tragedy while offering the only sure remedy; knowledge of the One, True God, His real Son, Jesus Christ,
and the authentic revelation of His Word.

Sharon says, "When people ask me how I managed to recover from “The Devil’s Influence-za” I tell them, “The only antidote was GOD’S TRUTH SERUM - I re-learned what our culture couldn’t tell me and the New Age didn’t know: the Saving Truths of our Catholic Faith!”

I am aware of Sharon Lee’s website and have linked my aunt to a few videos of her on Catholic Answers. I’ll definitely mention the website again, thanks for the suggestion.

I am still looking for an idea of book or DVD that I can get her as a gift.


Try the web site “women of Grace”. They have done a ton of work on the new age and have good resources in that area.

Linking might or might not work. It’s something our generation (or, if you’re younger than me, your generation) is keen to do and click on, but maybe not your aunt’s generation. The book is a good idea.

If she’s really smitten with the Law of Attraction (“I wish the universe to be a shiny shade of blue, and LOOK IT IS!!!”) then outright attacking it won’t help. Help her to fall in love with her faith again first, to reorient her back to Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, and then take up the individual things. It’s amazing the clarity that re-centering yourself on Jesus Christ gives you, and it becomes innate to reject silly ideas like “The Secret”.

Iosh14, that’s exactly why I am looking for a book or a dvd. My aunt has a difficult time checking her email, so asking her to traverse a website might not be a clear enough medium for her to get value out of.

I do appreciate the website suggestions, though… but this time I’m looking for something I can physically hand her.

She’s already fairly solid in her relationship with Christ, I just don’t think she understands the potential harm contained in these New Age ideas. She buys into the notion that this can co-exist with Catholicism and there is no harm. That’s what I’m trying to illuminate for her.


I do not know about “The Secret”, but I do have a thought on a Christmas gift for a family gift exchange.

I would not give her this “extra” gift to “help her”. I would use this as a time to bring her the gift of your love with the “proper gift” alone. Christmas is not a time to “tell someone they need help” in religion. Christmas is expressing God’s gift of Love in giving us His Son Jesus.

If your dear aunt had any “feeling” that this extra gift was “because she is wrong and needs help”, it can come off as hurting her, especially at Christmas. Thoughts can go like this: “Can you believe my family gave me this for Christmas, because I’m not Catholic enough?”

God will give you the right place and time to bring about something that will “help” her. Remember, it is the Holy Spirit who changes hearts. The Holy Spirit can use us. If you “don’t want to scare her off”, make sure you are peaceful when giving her a book or DVD. Sometimes, people take items like that and set them aside, if they think someone is pressuring them. I wouldn’t tie this in with her Christmas gift.

Pray for her this advent season that the truest spirit of Christmas be shown to her by God. Remind her of the Christmas story and where it led. Try to find a book on Jesus’ Lordship. I’m sure someone here might be able to suggest one that might fit here. I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard of “the secret” before, but it doesn’t sound good. Let her know that there is no secret in God. Anyone claiming there is just isn’t worth listening to.

Hmm,makes me think of a friend who is a searcher. He went through various faiths until he found the Catholic Church, where I met him and his wife. They had a row with some of the teachings (in particular those on gay marriage) and left, forming his own syncretist organization that combines Christian and wiccan beliefs. They celebrate Easter as well as Beltane, and offer specie of bread and juice (he’s a recovering alcoholic) as well as drawing chalk circles and cutting them with an athame. He’s a good person and a devoted friend, but Lord help him I worry about his soul. He constantly says “I’m trying to bring people to divinity first, then to Christ” as his modus operandi. But wow, the threat there is just so obvious.

But yes, bring your aunt back to Christ. Talk about what He has done for you and how He answers your prayers, that the source of answered prayers is in the One prayed to, not the one asking.

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