Regarding a Destructive Marriage & Evil Spirits

:frighten: My best friend of 12 years has been having very serious marital problems with her husband of 10 years who is indeed a porn addict. She states that this past year alone has been the worst of all the years they’ve been married because his sexual fantasies has spiraled out of control… he forces her to have sex with him in a despicable manner & ways she refuses to do so, and when she refuses, he hits her or rapes her regardless. She’s confessed to me that she fears for her safety & possibly even her life because it’s as if he’s possessed by something or someone when he’s acting this violent way towards her. She has even told me that she’s seen a “black shadow” roaming in her small two bedroom house, and she cannot explain it. She has two young children of seven and three years old who she fears for as well… especially when her husband treats her in such a manner. She used to be Catholic and now she’s a practicing “Episcopal”… She’s questioned her husband of why he acts the way he does with her when he’s calm and he tells her that he doesn’t know what comes over him… besides this “burning sensation in the pit of his stomach”… and a few days ago she felt this “burning sensation” in her bedroom when she was trying to fall asleep after her husband left for work in early hours of the morning. She described it as it beginning at her feet and working it’s way up towards her head… she was very much scared… I don’t know what to do to help her or her situation… I believe evil forces exist… she does too… what can I do to comfort her or help her? (Besides Praying) :confused:

Her house maybe haunted. I’d have her talk to a priest who has experience or knowledge in dealing w/ evil spirits.

Besides Praying, we can all together pray even more. The rosary is our weapon. Also use Holy Water and give her the sign of the cross on her forehead. You are Christ to her by doing so. Then she might have hells torments on her for a short time, but the devil will leave the house after all. Maybe you can get a priest to come to the house and bless it.
If the man is possessed by an evil spirit, the priest can tell and will be able to cast him out.

The family that prays together stays together!

Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, now and forever. Amen

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen

In the name of the Father, of the son and of the Holy Ghost, may your friend and her husband be freed from all evil harm and sin.

St. Joseph, pray for us men, for the perseverance in chastity as the Lily represents.

You describe a woman being raped. She needs support to report her rapist to the police.

What you describe is serious abuse and needs to be stopped! The police and her priest needs to be involved.

Get your phone book out and call the Domestic Abuse Hotline and/or the Battered Women’s Shelter. There is usually one in each county. There should be an outreach office where she can go for a free private counseling (or talk over the phone she doesn’t have to give her name). The counselor will instruct her re. her rights in Texas.

She should take pictures of any injuries she has sustained, photos of any damage to her home, keep a journal of all accounts of abuse with dates and time. If she’s received trauma from the latest rape, she should be seen by a doctor.

You can look up what constitutes abuse and write down instances of each. The counselor or you could keep all the above for her so he can’t find them.

Check to see if they offer counseling for her husband which could be court ordered if and when she decides to move ahead with a restraining order.

I totally agree!!! and the sooner the better… I think this has gone past marriage guidance… she and her kids need to leave that house…Is there anywhere she can go??? to a relative maybe??? even for a short time until she can begin to see clearly and get spiritual healing… I will pray for her and the kids… I will also pray for him…he needs delivered of this evil.

"deliver us from evil O Lord!!! "

You can help her by getting her to the nearest domestic violence shelter with her children and encouraging her to come forward to the police regarding his violent actions.

The question of the influence of evil spirits is entirely irrelevant here. She needs to immediately get out of that house temporarily to a safe place, and report the abuse to the authorities. Her life, and those of her children, may very well depend on it.

Who cares about evil spirits: rape and abuse is illegal and has to stop NOW.

She needs to take those two young children and run TODAY!!! She can worry about evil spirits and stuff later. Her life is in danger. Please don’t take this lightly.

Her husband could quite possibly be a psychopath capable of much worse than rape. He could one day rape his children.

The fact that rape is mentioned in a somewhat nonchalant way makes me think that this is a troll post. I don’t believe any ‘friend’ would be more concerned over the presence of evil spirits than the fact her friend is being brutally raped.

You have a point. I still think it’s worthy of advice just in case it is not a troll.

:tsktsk: How dare you state such a hateful comment like that… I am concerned about my friend spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically… Just in case you don’t know (and you claim to be a “Catholic”) you ought to be aware of evil (demonic) forces that may be in play here… and if you’re religious and don’t believe in such a thing, then maybe you ought to think again & educate yourself more about what our religion is all about… I don’t know how yall do things in Australia, but this type of phenomenon happens daily in the United States… what a hateful comment to put… shame on you!!! :mad: :dts:

:yup: Thank You… I’m trying to do that exact thing right now as we speak… :clapping:

:gopray2: Thank You so very much for your kind words and prayers for strength and reassurance… I’m so glad that people such as yourself still exist… God Bless You as well… :hug3:

I think it is necessary to put the priorities first here and that would be to get her and the kids out to a shelter away from the abusive father, and the evil spirits. After she is settled, talk about the spirits with your priest.

Have you called the hotline? What have you and your friend done about the situation today? Just curious. Concerned all are safe.

:thankyou: Yes… she fears for her life as well as her kids but the only downside to this is that her own mother lives right across the street from them, as that’s the only person she can go to (considering the fact that her parents are divorced) and she doesn’t feel comfortable at all living right across the street from her abusive/possessed husband because she doesn’t want to also put her mother’s life in danger (who is completely unaware of what’s going on in her relationship)… :coolinoff:

then she should go to a shelter asap. What if this man raped his own children after getting bored of repeatedly raping his wife?

My dad molested me and used to rape my mom. It’s a possible reality.

Yeah seriously. He may or may not be possessed. Probably not, but at this point it’s totally irrelevant. She needs to be out and far, far away. So does her mother because God knows what could happen if he finds out his wife is gone and then marches across the street.

Get her, her kids and her mother to a shelter far away. Then call the freaking cops. The priest can visit him in a jail cell.

I believe in possession. Someone very close to me was abused and she said his eyes had a “look” and looked possessed. I saw the “look” she was talking about and I would have to agree. I also know about the “dark shadow.”

She definitely needs to get herself and children away from Him but I also know from experience it is hard to “expose” your family like that. Especially, when you know the person well and know that what is being manifested is NOT your loved one.

You said she used to be a Catholic talk to her about seeing an exorcist, even if it is only for advice and discernment.

I believe the story because it is eerily familiar.

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