Regarding Acedia/Spiritual Sloth

Acedia - refusal of joy that comes from God

From what I interpret, it means that the individual has a sluggish desire of spiritual things and looks to worldly goods for happiness while being lukewarm in the service of God. It becomes mortal only when it is an absolute resolve, but venial only when it is done for a period of time.

Can somebody clarify this for me? Thanks :slight_smile:

If the thread you started a couple of weeks ago on the subject was not enough for you then I suggest that you should read a book on the subject. I would recommend The Noonday Devil by Jean-Charles Nault O.S.B.

Catechism of the Catholic Church on acedia:

acedia or spiritual sloth goes so far as to refuse the joy that comes from God and to be repelled by divine goodness.”

One may discuss particulars with ones confessor (who can ask questions etc and advise one).

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