Regarding churches that are not holding services...not sure what other board to ask


Silly questions, I suppose I could just call the local Catholic church and ask but…

Is it regular for Priests keep regular office hours, or something along those lines? I’ve been meaning to stop by to just talk about various things regarding faith but I’d hate to interupt a service or anything.

Again I suppose it varies…anyway thanks in advance.


It probably varies by parish. I think most priests do have regular office hours, but they are not necessarily in their office during those hours–could be at hospital appointments, meetings, school visits, etc. But I’m sure you could schedule an appointment with a priest through the parish secretary.


Exactly right. Things like First Friday, Hospital visits, emergency anointings, etc., really step on having a usual schedule. Add on to that appointments with the Bishop, parish advisory counsils, etc., and you can see how the schedule could fill up fairly quickly. The best thing to do is to make an appointment with the parish office for about a half an hour of his time.

Please understand if it is hard to get some of his time. In the U.S. the rate is approx. 4000:1 laymen to priests.

God Bless,


It is probably best to call and make an appointment. We have one priest designated as “on-call” but he may be called. The rest may be on a day off, at the diocese, in a meeting, etc.


[quote=Rhubarb]Silly questions, I suppose I could just call the local Catholic church and ask

Your instincts serve you well. My BROTHER is a priest. If I want to talk to him, I call his Parish and arrange an appointment. Not because he is “too busy” to talk to me, but because I don’t keep track of his “free time” and he does not keep tack of mine.

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