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Well, hello there! :slight_smile:
I’m about to be confirmed in a couple of months, but I have yet to pick a saint name for my confirmation name. I’ve been extremely conflicted for some reason. I’ve narrowed my choices down to St. Cecilia and St. Joan of Arc.
I love St. Cecilia as she is the patron saint of music/musicians and I’m a musician myself, playing the violin and piano. I looked into her story, and I found it to be extremely beautiful aside from her death.
Then, there’s St. Joan of Arc who is the patroness of soldiers and of France. Soldiers and France don’t necessarily have anything to do with who I am, but her story was inspiring. She was a courageous young woman who led an army to regain their country, and to think that she was burned on a stake at the age of 19…It’s just that I feel like she’s calling for me. At the young age of 6, I saw my father watching this movie about Joan of Arc, and he was at the part where she died when I walked into the room. I almost immediately became fascinated with her.
Please excuse my being naive. :o Hopefully, you can help me with this little situation. Thank you!


Cecilia Jeanne has a nice ring to it.:thumbsup:


Go and sit before the Blessed Sacrament. Ask God what Saint He wants you to choose. :)


You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to female saints, either :slight_smile:


Thank you, Augusta. I’m a woman but my confirmation name is Michael. When my husband was baptized and confirmed last Easter he took the confirmation name Anthony Mary because he loves the Blessed Mother and St. Anthony of Padua and didn’t want to have to choose between them.


And you can unofficially change your patron saint. When I was confirmed I chose Martina, a martyr. Some years later I read that she probably never existed, which was disappointing. After I married & had kids, I realized I needed some real help on the homemaking front - so I started praying to St. Martha. I now consider her to be my patron saint.

My daughter chose Maximilian Kolbe because she admired him - my son chose St. George because he liked the dragon. He really was too young!


St. Cecelia was one of the Saints I was considering 30 years ago. I later 'chose' St. Dymphna. I liked her name; it was different, and something just made me want her. I didn't understand why, but I just did. My mother was not happy about it, given her story, and as the Patron Saint of Mental Illness. However, my 13 year old self stuck to my guns and was starting my 'rebel stage'. While we had talked about Patron Saints in Confirmation Class, the priest and the rest of the class was more focused on the upcoming ski trip over spring break (my mom didn't let me go). So I don't recall having given it a lot of 'deep' thought.

Later on in life, I have suffered from depression and some mental illness (which just wasn't talked about 30 years ago). I also found my birthfather (I'm adopted) who has severe mental illnesses. My birthsister also has battled it. But at 13, I knew none of this, other than St. Dymphna was my Confirmation Saint. Now I've come to the realization that I didn't choose her; she was chosen for me, by the Holy Spirit. What a great revelation!

So, go with what you believe God is leading you to. You may not understand why right now, but if you truly listen, you will make the right choice. Funny fact: Some years ago, I was having surgery on my foot and having pins put in because it was broken. I was able to choose my surgery date, and mentioned it to our Priest, who we were close with, and asked for his prayers. He said he'd pray to St. Cecelia, as it happened to be her Saint day....he said he'd ask her to play a 'footnote'. So, I feel like she is there for me too! :)


Go with what you feel is leading you. I will be getting confirmed this Easter vigil and I have chosen my patron Saint. I picked St. Rita of Casica. When I was researching Saints, she just stuck out. I have a great-aunt who has been very devout her whole life who's name is Rita. I was still keeping my options open.
Then, I had a dear friend of mine, her husband and my husband are actually Fraternity brothers, ask me if I had picked a Saint yet. I told her that I felt very drawn to St. Rita. She told me that St. Rita was her patron Saint. After that, I stopped searching. :) Hope everything works out for you! :)


In many parts of the Church the choice of a "Confirmation name" is not practised .

To emphasise the link between Confirmation and Baptism I would say stick to your baptismal name .


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