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I have been having lots of problems with impure thoughts and actions for a very long time. I have been to confession a lot regarding this issue and still struggling with this problem. When the “urge” comes and I do not give into the temptation, it goes away. But I find that when this happens, I would find myself pretty much having *** in my dream and wake up having an O…OR I would be just sitting down and not having ANY sexual thoughts or any of that sort and I find myself very aroused down there and feel like I need to relieve myself bad…the funny thing is that when I do not give into the urge, as hard as that may be, the urge just goes away…I am thinking that these are all temptations from the evil one but I am also having thoughts that maybe it could just be my hormones or my natural human libido…I am not sure. Can someone give me clarifications?

You’re just human. You also may be suffering from scruples.


The human sexual urge is a good thing. And like all good things it should be properly ordered by virtue. Chastity is sexuality properly integrated with the whole person.

Virtues are attained by practice, and that takes time.

You can’t control the dreams you have when you’re asleep, and generally we all do things in our dreams that we wouldn’t do in real life. Many of us have had dreams where we walk around naked in public, use the toilet in front of a bunch of people with no privacy, and/or have sex with a stranger or with someone we normally would consider unavailable.

As long as you don’t dwell on sexual dreams when you’re awake, it’s not sinful because dreams are involuntary.


Pray a Hail Mary each day for purity and leave the rest to the grace of God. We so often forget to pray for purity.

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You are not the only one to go through this. Quitting mortal sin is a process. Persevere. Prayer and meditation help.

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