Regarding Patty Bonds


Why is anyone even talking about White’s Sister? Her conversion is totally irrelevent to any argument James White has ever made. I’ve known several Catholics who became Protestant. About the most moronic thing I possibly could do is run up to their families and say “In your face! HA HA! What you believe must be false because your family member converted!” That’s idiotic, so stop doing it.




It was on the Journey home, and so people talked about it. You can always skip threads that you don’t want to read…OP.

This kinda made me chuckle.:smiley:


Madam, I am not talking about threads merely discussing certain programs and books, I am talking about how nearly every White thread has a mention of Patty Bonds. Something completely irrelevent. Suppose some posters here had family members that converted to one of the cults, would you lambast them for their inability to convince their siblings of the true path? No! Of course you wouldn’t.



Actually, it’s highly relevant to the arguments James White has made about his sister’s conversion. Therefore, it may very well have a place, depending on context.

You’re right, however, that it’s a cheap shot to tout about in a “Hey, your sister converted!! You suck!!” manner. I have no doubt that it’s a painful topic for the both of them, and it speaks well of him that James White made no attack on Patty Bonds until she went public with her conversion.

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If you happen to know Pastor Doug Jackson (Baptist), consider yourself lucky. He’s an impressive saint!


Wow, what are the odds! Doug is a friend of mine. He retired as Pastor of Second Baptist to teach at my college. Incidentally, after leaving Second, he joined my church. So we see a lot of each other. He’s a great guy, for an arminian. :smiley:


Lol. He’s a font of wisdom when it comes to St. John of the Cross and several other Saints, so be sure to ask. I used to go to 2BC, and would listen to his sermons on RealAudio after I moved. Some of the best sermons I’ve ever heard, quite frankly. In my humble opinion, he’s a holy man and I hold him in high esteem.

From what I understand, he was a heck of a football player as well…

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If you send me a pm I can pass along his contact info if you want it. My name is Jeremiah Bailey, btw.


Is that what’s happening? Lambasting? I hadn’t caught that.
Still…if it angers you, I still think my a best advice, for low blood pressure and good health is to skip reading such posts…


It angers me because it is wrong, and has no place in these discussions.


You do make a good point, Patty Bonds conversion makes no case for or against the validity of Catholicism unless there is presented an arguement within that conversion that exposes error or presents truth.

This is similar to someone presenting differences of opinion between Robert Sungenis and other Catholics as a reason for not discussing the faith with them. Any personal problems between Catholic apologists is irrelevant in whether or not the faith is authentic or not.

What should be done is focus on discussions of specific points of the faith to identify the Church that Jesus established and what specific truths must be affirmed for Salvation, as those are the key issues.

In Christ


I do find it a bit relevant after reading her conversion story. She came from some pretty staunch stock of anti-Catholics. And she tells of giving her brother a great deal of time to convince her she was wrong.

What is relevant is that she is not just some Protestant who decided to become Catholic. Through the grace of God, she can perhaps inspire those who are searching to search harder and longer, … knowing that the Truth will survive the attacks of all the Jame Whites of the world… even when he is your brother.

Much of what James White believes is false, not because of her conversion… but in spite of it. He has no legitimate authority…nor has anyone who is outside the authority given directly by Jesus Christ.



Yeah, it is. I haven’t done it personally, (I’ve made many other mistakes on this forum though) but I’ll never mention her in the future.


That is still not relevant. All it means is that he could not convince her. That has no bearing on the validity of his argumentation, and frankly I believe people bring it up all the time because they know it is personally painful to him. It is a cheap shot, and an irrelevant fact to bring Patty Bonds into these discussions.


I agree it is a cheap shot but why are you posting this here?


Because it happened in this forum a couple of times. I am new to this forum so I assumed this was the place to put it.


okay, let’s have it your way…

and if White convinces you of anything… that is not relevant either.



If people do bring it up all to time “because it’s painful to him” I don’t think we need to worry unless Mr. White is a member here. That it might be painful is irrelevant then.

I personally think it’s notable and would bring it up as appropriate.


You are right, White convincing me of a doctrine would not be relevant in an argument. For example, it is through Aomin that I became reformed. If we were in an argument about White’s claims on predestination, and I said “His argument must be true, he convinced me!” You would not see any validity in such argumentation. The same is true of the inverse situation of him being unable to convince his sister. It is simply not relevant to the discussion.


I agree… and would add “White has no authority but himself (O’ Sola Meo) to be credible in the Word of God.”

Kinda of like Pilate… though he actually looked Truth in the face, and said “Truth, what is Truth”


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