Regarding purging


Hey everyone,
I have a quick question.
I recently tried to brew an alcoholic beverage, and after drinking it, I felt queazy. So I decided to try to throw it up so that I’d feel better. Was that a sin? I don’t know or not it was just to make me feel better, rather than common reasons for purging.



If you need to purge your stomach for medical reasons that is not a sin. Becoming nauseated from a beverage would certainly constitute a medical reason.


okay thanks for replying, I just wanted to make sure that was okay.


Sure, it’s okay - but I’m curious; what did you think might be sinful?


The purging part, because making alcohol was optional, and so it if I didn’t make that, I wouldn’t have thrown up. And also purging has a negative connotation to it, so I just wanted to make sure.

Better safe than sorry.


what about the brewing part, maybe THAT is something you should try to not do anymore? :wink:

I really don’t know, don’t even know how the law is where you are… and not saiyng it was a sin, as I really don’t know… just wondering why you focused on the purging part. :wink: The brewing came first, then the drinking… purging was just a consequence, right?

By the way about a month ago I made myself purge because I felt very sick to my stomach… had some kind of stomach flu but didn’t purge automatically, so to feel better and finally be able to sleep at 3 am I made myself… and it helped.
I did not feel that was sinful.


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