Regarding the current concern over the synod


Anyone who listened to daily Mass on EWTN this morning should find peace and relief in this morning’s homily. The priest specifically addressed the current controversy and compared it to other councils/synods in previous Church history. If you have not heard it, try to find a transcript or recording. It is both enlightening and a good reminder of how the Holy Spirit works through the Church.


The Church has followed what Jesus wanted it to do and that is always speak the truth. People out there want to Church to fail, that’s why we have all these articles about the Church changing on this and that. But it will never happen.


Relief from what? Current concern over what? What’s controversy is there that I haven’t heard about? I mean, besides the secular world’s complete bastardization of it and misunderstanding over it and uninformed predictions about it’s outcome, which are all to be expected and certainly no cause for alarm. Is there something else?


Many of the Synod fathers have been critical of the interim report. It wasn’t just poor reporting, it was a poor report.


That about covers it.


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