Regarding the division in the Church!

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I know that some people say that the body of Christ is not divided but evidently there are innumerable churches these days. Is there anyway to get a list of the major divisions in the church and the main reasons why they are different or in which way they are different from the Catholic Church.

Is there a comparative study available somewhere? Can someone help me here?


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Thank you very much Tim. This helps a lot.

Hello Stephen,

Thanks a lot. I am a bit embarrassed… why didn’t I think of wikipedia before…! :slight_smile:


Don’t be embarrased.

Personally here’s why I never use Wikipedia.

*]Every article within the greater list of articles on each subject has [Edit] next to it. Anybody can add or subtract from the article.
*]Then there are the "disclaimers " :rolleyes: one probably doesn’t even notice them, NOR in extension, reads them. Disclaimers & Risk disclaimer
[/LIST]Please open and read the links

Don’t be embarrased for not thinking of wiki. IMV you did well by not thinking of wiki. But that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

It’s pretty obvious, especially after so many centuries of experimentation. When your basic authority for doctrine is your personal interpretation of Scripture, disagreement and division are inevitable.

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