Regarding the Full Catholic Bible


I have a Catholic Bible.

Trouble is, I am spoiled by my study Bibles that are short by a few books. :wink:
My favorite study Bible leads each book with the following:

who wrote it,
to whom it was addressed,
where it was written,
when it was written,
what it is about,
what it means to us today,
and a summary.

Could someone help me with this information regarding the rest of the Story?! a.k.a., those seven books?! Maybe a link to study? Very curious to learn, but can’t afford another Bible.

Thank you.


My favorite is Tobit, and it’s better to read through all of them first, without outside intervention, to answer your questions before going elsewhere. Like Gods relationship with you, being one on one, so is the journey through his words. Simple, not complicated, is the way to go, and allow His spirit to guide you towards specific studies.


A brief article regarding the Deuterocanonical books:


For about 16 dollars, you can get ‘The New Oxford Annotated Apocrypha’ at Amazon. It contains the missing 7 books plus the others that are included in the Orthodox canon.


Thank you. When I get the money…I have this bookmarked.


My copy of the Oxford is the King James Version. As such, it does not have complete versions of Esther and Daniel. My only caution would relate to the orthodoxy of the notes from a Catholic point of view.

We are also very near the arrival of the complete Ignatius Study Bible, using the RSV-2CE. Though probably fairly expensive, I think this would be worth selling something for.


This one uses the NRSV and the annotations from the New Oxford Annotated Bible so it should be safe.




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