Regarding the third Commandment

The few requirements we are obliged to fulfill on Sunday is to:

  1. Attend Mass
  2. No servile work
  3. Refrain from anything that would hinder the worship due to God

Could somebody elaborate #3 to me? I don’t fully understand what ‘‘hinder the worship due to God’’ really means

It means letting something else prevent you from worshiping God, such as “missing Mass” so that you can do “something else”.

It could even apply to allowing something to completely control your attention/focus while at Mass. In that case, you are physically at Mass for the purpose of worship, but so preoccupied with other things that you are not paying attention and not worshiping God, but instead just sitting in a pew thinking about things that you have allowed to become more important than God.

Would this only apply to Mass? Also, are family outings and picnics permitted on Sundays?

Edit: Sorry I typed ‘‘panic’’ instead of picnic just now :smiley:

Notice that the Catechism elaborates more, and this also includes holy days of obligation:

2185 On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are to refrain from engaging in work or activities that hinder the worship owed to God, the joy proper to the Lord’s Day, the performance of the works of mercy, and the appropriate relaxation of mind and body.123 Family needs or important social service can legitimately excuse from the obligation of Sunday rest. The faithful should see to it that legitimate excuses do not lead to habits prejudicial to religion, family life, and health.
[INDENT]The charity of truth seeks holy leisure- the necessity of charity accepts just work.124
2186 Those Christians who have leisure should be mindful of their brethren who have the same needs and the same rights, yet cannot rest from work because of poverty and misery. Sunday is traditionally consecrated by Christian piety to good works and humble service of the sick, the infirm, and the elderly. Christians will also sanctify Sunday by devoting time and care to their families and relatives, often difficult to do on other days of the week. Sunday is a time for reflection, silence, cultivation of the mind, and meditation which furthers the growth of the Christian interior life.

2187 Sanctifying Sundays and holy days requires a common effort. Every Christian should avoid making unnecessary demands on others that would hinder them from observing the Lord’s Day. Traditional activities (sport, restaurants, etc.), and social necessities (public services, etc.), require some people to work on Sundays, but everyone should still take care to set aside sufficient time for leisure. With temperance and charity the faithful will see to it that they avoid the excesses and violence sometimes associated with popular leisure activities. In spite of economic constraints, public authorities should ensure citizens a time intended for rest and divine worship. Employers have a similar obligation toward their employees.[/INDENT]

**Yes **but where I am it is rather too cold for the later right now…

Family outings and picnics are perfectly fine provided that they don’t interfere with one’s Mass obligation.

JP2 wrote a whole encyclical on the topic.

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