Regarding Work on Sundays

I’m a University Student and I also work part time to save money to cover my tuition fees and student loans. I attend Mass on Sunday mornings but I work an evening shift and so I work all weekend.

My question is whether I’ve not been following the third commandment because I’ve been working on Sundays (even though I am attending Mass). It’s hard for me to work on the weekdays because I have school and to have my work allow me the weekdays off, I agreed to work the weekend (provided I could still go to Mass on Sundays). Another factor in this is that because we only have a few people who work in my department, I’m the only guy normally who can work the morning shift on a Saturday and the evening shift on Sundays, and I’m worried that changing my work schedule would make it more difficult for my co-workers and their schedules.

What do you think? Am I okay to work? If not, what should I do?

yes, stop worrying about this. You are making it to Mass and often times the only jobs students can get are on the weekends. I work in a hospital and work every other weekend. I am still amazed that too many get stuck on this issue about work on Sunday. This isn’t your end job for life, you are working based on your school schedule and your are making it to Mass. If you have any other concerns, talk to a priest.

Thank you very much for replying! Normally during the summer I switch to working every other day except Sunday, so this isn’t a permanent thing (as well as since it’s a student job).

Thanks for putting my mind at ease! :smiley:

I made the mistake of working too much my last year of college, and missed a lot of Mass but I had to pay some of my own expenses as my parents could not afford to pay for all of them (like textbooks, car insurance, gas, maintenance, personal grooming things, etc) as they fronted my tuition and fees that financial aid did not cover - the money they fronted I had to repay later which I did. I am sure God understood I was not missing deliberately as my job had more hours available on weekends compared to weekdays which worked out well for a college student to allow me to study & do homework during the week.

I just wish that college was more affordable so more students do not have to take on the burden of working so they can concentrate on academics and having some semblance of a social life (like getting off campus to see family/friends, going to religious services, etc).

I use to work Sundays too. I asked 2 priests and a Deacon if I was sinning in this and all told me no. I was told God understands because that is my livelihood and that as long as I was not neglecting Mass, I was fine. I was barely getting by and to quit my job just because they needed me to work on Sunday would have pretty much made me homeless and my Grandmother would have lost her house. I never missed Mass because of work though.

One priest did advise me to at least pick one day of the week to rest. But if we are not working 7 days a week, that is not a big problem. Now that I have a WAY better job and am making enough money that I no longer live paycheck to paycheck, I can refuse to work on Sundays because I simply no longer need the money to get by. Even though Sunday work is double pay. I still wont do it.

Don’t worry, you are fine. Good job on still making it to Mass.

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