"Register at Parish?"

I have a question about registering at my parish. I am baptized but not confirmed and have been going to this Parish for a couple years now and was wondering if I can call the office and register and also get Offering Envlopes, even though I havent had my confirmation. Do you have to have your confirmation to register? thanks for the help

Registration means nothing on the level of Church law. Presumably a parish can make whatever rules it wants, within reason, for registration, as it is not an official thing. Indeed, it is not common in most parts of the world. But yes, I would contact the parish.

You should look into getting confirmed anyways.

I registered before I was confirmed. Best thing to do is call the church office and ask.

Yes you can register and receive envelopes whether your are confirmed or not.

Or whether you’re Catholic or not.

When my non-Catholic husband and I began attending mass at our current parish, he put a check in the collection basket. It was a check from his personal account with his name and address on it. Within two weeks his envelopes arrived in the mail.

No, you don’t even have to be Catholic. I was registered in a Catholic parish for more than a decade before I finally became a Catholic.

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