Registering with a parish in college?


So…I am in college in a different city than my hometown. Thusly, I have been attending a different parish than the one that I usually go to when I am home (or from my previous years of being young and growing up at home). Should I register with the parish that I have been going to when I’m away at college? Also, I’m not sure if the parish that I go to now is within the boundaries of where I live/go to college. Should I have been going to a closer one? I’m not sure what to do, any words of advice are welcome!


If you want to be on their mailing list and receive envelopes, sure.

But since you are only temporarily in your college town, you’re actual domicile and residence and parish membership in your hometown, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like to receive mail


It would be nice to register so you can be on the mailing list and keep up with what’s going on there


If the parish uses social media, this might not be necessary at all! Our parish uses Facebook and Twitter and keeps an up to date website. I know that’s not the case for a lot of parishes, though.

I would see if your college has a religious life office, Catholic chaplain, or Catholic student group (often called Newman Associations or similar.) Even at non-Catholic colleges, there may be Masses on campus in a chapel, or a priest assigned to the college may be able to tell you which Mass is most often attended by students.


You can go to mass anywhere you want. Wonderful you are going to mass. I recommend you make a donation each Sunday, something you can afford.


@rbritton , I have come across this registering with a parish before on the forum .

What exactly is it ?


Registering with a parish is just letting the local church know who you are , so they have a written record.

If someone asks you to be their Godfather, the parish staff will be able to send a letter to the other parish to document yes, you are a member and because you are using the envelopes or giving, they can guess you are a practicing Catholic to the best of their knowledge.


Thanks , @Augustinian , it’s a practice we don’t have .


It will be important if someone asks you to be the baptismal or confirmation sponsor. Your pastor will be required to vouch for you, and if you are a stranger to the parish, he may not do that.


The priest back home might vouch for you, however.


Or he might say “I have not seen you at Mass for 6 months, so, I do not know if you are practicing anymore”.


It helps the Diocese and the Parish Priest to know who all are active members of his particular church(es). They use this sometimes to call people when they need volunteers for special Church projects or get togethers and need lots of help. They might even use it for evangelization in getting those active in the parish to reach out to those Catholics they know living in the same area who don’t go to Mass. It helps the diocese to know for building of new or closing of churches according to population and numbers attending Masses at each Church. There are many reasons it’s a good idea to register with your Parish. Oh alos helps when it comes time for Baptisms, Holy Communions, Confirmations and DEFINITELY marriages for their records. You would not believe how many people call their old parishes up and ask for their records so they can get married in their new parishes. It’s done DAILY!.


Actually, one is required to contact their Baptismal parish to accuire a new, official copy of their sacramental records in order to get married. Yes, it happens every day.


It can sure keep Church office staff very busy just doing that.


Yep, when someone is Married, Confirmed or Ordained at our parish we have to take great care to notify that person’s Baptismal parish. By the same token, we receive the records from distant parishes when people baptized here are Confirmed, Married or Ordained.

The came communication with the Baptismal parish happens when there is a decree of nullity issued, or a child is adopted. Mantling these records is an important part of the work of a parish, communicating with parishes across the nation and around the world!


Is there a Newman Center on your campus? I’d start there, if it exists, and plan to get actively involved in it.


Or a chapter of FOCUS/Varsity Catholic.


as a college student, you are most likely not going to itemize on your taxes. So you don’t need the envelopes.

If you want to get involved with ministry at the parish (or think you might one day), then yes register. If you are not planning on ever getting involved other than going to mass, then you don’t have to register.

NOTE: it will NOT hurt if you do register.

BTW - if you think you might become a God parent while in college, it might be a good idea to register or talk to your home pastor and make sure he knows you go to mass each weekend.


Unfortunately no, there are no Catholic opportunities on campus. However, I appreaciate the advice!


It’s apparently a uniquely American thing. The CIC, as far as I know, makes no mention of it.

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