Regret sinning, and a letter of encouragement

first of all i want to ask and say that, today in so swearing, cursing as a slip up while saying a fragment sentence… i felt wrong about this, not because i am some super christian but because i feel christ wthin me and his power and presence and to draw such words is directly contrast to everything about christ…

secondly, i want to encourage the community by saying throuh my personal expierence over the past months, you really have to apply the word of god to your life in a personal and real way. for me this has been the issue of lukewarmness and now as i have been graced and blessed through fidelity to prayer to feel apart of the true vine and producing fruit… that you must truly give it your all and clean up ALL areas of your life… this includes things likes ommissions and acceptance to bad things…

for me this next step is to stop hanging out with individuals, and to be more "church militant in my approach. to do otherwise is to simply acknowledge what is wrong and have your own head clouded, more prone to sin, or even worse stray from the truth.

i pray to you and ask for you prayers right now or tonight, to pray for me as well as this entire community, even more the people who dont have any hope to find it and to be able to sustain it… the only way to do so in my perosnal expierence is to commit 100 percent,

if anyone is strugglign and needs help please feel free to contact me, and we can share expierences, i am no better than anyone else and i am probably a babe in my faith but if i can help anyone for the better please feel free

What do you mean, specifically, by “stop hanging out with individuals” and becoming more “Church Militant?”

If you are removing yourself from temptation then it makes sense. If you’re elevating yourself above others who live a certain lifestyle, then I will mention that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio accused fellow church leaders of hypocrisy and “forgetting that Jesus Christ bathed lepers and ate with prostitutes.”


i dont want to not hang out with certain people and i do not face temptation, but at the same time if eel that if i in certain circumstances hang out with them when they are doing drugs or drinking heavily or speaking about masturbation and silly talk and filthiness that i cannot condone it nor want a part of it

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