Am 40 years old married to a non catholic 10 years married and no children have cats and i love animals there was a time where we both where trying for a baby but nothing happened no children my mental health got so bad that there is no way id be able to go through a pregnancy because it means id have to stop taking medication that i need my mental health is so bad that i cant take care of myself at all my husband has to do everything for me i cant go out on my own with out someone with me me and my husband decided that we shouldnt have children that it would be unfair to the little ones and we started to use condoms but there where times where the condoms would break and i had to get the morning after pill but when it happened a few times more my husband decided to get the snip which he did get since then one of my nieces has a little girl and another little girl on the way Am 40 i feel like i have done nothing with my life and i feel i’ll never be a mother too late for me and my husband dont know i feel like this but i regret that i never had children that i used the morning after pill and possibly killed my own children with the morning after pill or that my husband got the snip it can be revered but we cant afford to pay for it as the nhs will not pay for it
i have since came back to being catholic and i am now pro life can i be forgiven for what we have done but idf like to try and saved babys from places that kill them its still at baby not something to get rid of
my husband dont know my views about this and at the moment i feel gulity i really need to talk to a priest but i want to do more for these babies my husband isnt pro life and dont understand why the Catholic church have all the rules etc we have
i want to go to a pro life group in my area but my mental health is still bad and my husband believes that it might make me very unwell unsure what else to do the story about charlie grad the baby that has brain damage due to a genetic illness am also praying for them and hoping that something can help this little one
because of what we did i feel i have to do something to save other babies

Dear Emily,
Of course you can be forgiven for using the morning after pill. Please go and talk to your priest. Find one who is patient and understanding.

It sounds as if you need to talk to your husband and let him know how you feel about things. Communication is important in marriage.

Your prayers can help babies. Keep praying for victims of abortion, and for children who are neglected or abused. We won’t know until heaven how much good our prayers did.

When you feel up to it, you might consider being a respite foster parent. Those are people who take in foster children for a weekend or a few days to give their foster parents a break. Something to think about anyway.
God bless.

NEVER under estimate the power of prayer. Dust off your rosary and pray, pray, pray. Pray for Charlie Grad and pray for the end of abortion. The next time 40 days for life comes to your town, fast and pray with them; leave the rest to the Holy Spirit.

You absolutely can be forgiven for any sins you have committed. After my first confession upon returning to the Church, I felt much lighter, and I could put all that behind me, knowing God had forgiven me.

And you can ask the priest about getting involved in pro-life work, and if you have a therapist or counselor, him or her as well. They, along with your husband, would be better advisers than we would be.

But even if it turns out to be a bad idea for you, you can do the Most Powerful Thing To Help, which is to pray for these little ones, and for their parents, many of whom are in ignorance as you once were.

Here is a set of pro-life intentions for each mystery of the Rosary.

So well said. Contact a priest and speak with him and express your thoughts you expressed here to obtain some guidance, healing and forgiveness.

St Francis,
Thanks for posting the pro life intentions for the rosary. I have prayed those in the past with EWTN and will do so again with the intentions for the OP.


Thank you all so much for replying
this thread shows partly what is going on for me and why its so hard for me to see a priest sometimes am hoping to see one this Wednesday at the mental health sanctuary at the hospital in the after noon am very scared and am unsure if they do confession there or not
my husband now knows about it we talked at length about how i was feeling my husband dont agree with me he says that there are reasons why he is pro choice of course i dont agree he said he let me go to pro life group but he dont want me protesting as he thinks it dangerous ( he is very protective of me ) i can understand why
my mental health is so bad that i cant go out on my own and my husband refuses to take me to a Catholic church ( he a new christian and only feel comfortable at the church i have been going to as its very relaxed )
Am going to pray to Jesus and Our lady Mary for all mothers for the born and yet to be born for the little ones that are dying because there unwanted or because of fear
please Jesus forgive these mothers for doing what they are doing the unthinkable we would kill a child yet we abort our children MURDER of little innocent ones please keep praying for them am going to do the rosery as well
thank you all for replying to me may God bless you all

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