Reguarding The Church


Do you believe 100% in all of the Church’s teachings?


I will not say I have never doubted but YES. I try but it’s not easy to never have doubts ever.


Being in the Christian Community for me is all about the teachings. If members of The Church do wrong, it’s because they are not adhering to the teachings.

The Teachings are what have been handed down from Christ through the Apostles to His Church.


If you call yourself Catholic and don’t believe the techings of the Church you got some big problems.




I sure do! 100%, and my faith grows stronger every day. The more I study the bible, read about the Saint’s and dig into my Catechism, my love grows.


I picked Yes, I follow the Church 100%, but I can’t honestly say I follow 100%, that’s what I need the Sacrament of Reconciliation for. I am a sinner.


I follow the Pope(s),bible and tradition but not everything the American bishops say or do. I had to say not 100%.


I don’t beleive that the current teaching of the Church on annulments is correct.


Yes, I follow the Church 100%.


I said yes. It is a recent phenomenon. Usually, when I learn I have erred, it is often followed by a realization that some other part of my life would not have been so bad, if I had only followed that particular teaching.


I voted 100% but in reality, I try to follow 100% and when I fail, there is a beautiful sacrament called reconcilliation…


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