Reiki and Catholicism


Awesome news on Reiki from USCCB


Ever since I heard about the person who was treated with reiki and subsequently had to be exorcised, I don’t think it’s appropriate either. :eek:

And before I came back to the Church fully, I even considered becoming a reiki practitioner. I even had a friend who was Catholic and did reiki healings.

My advice: stay away, it’s not of good spirituality. :frowning:

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Got a link for that? I’m glad the USCCB has said something about this.


The SPCDC has encountered cases of people demonized by reiki. We had a forum member post a very sobering account of her involvement with reiki here.



What is the SPCDC?


The St. Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling is an outreach apostolate of the Order of the Legion of St. Michael. The SPCDC was founded in 2003 as an outgrowth of the general Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance ministry that the Order began in 1993.

SPCDC responds to this problem with information, education, and advice, and by providing the following services:

  • to counsel with people who are having spiritual warfare problems that are beyond their capacity to handle;
  • to counsel with people who are actually demonized but do not qualify for a solemn exorcism;
  • to investigate “haunted” and infested houses and property; and
  • to train eligible candidates on how to be Spiritual Warriors and Deliverance Counselors in Spiritual Warfare ministry.


Ah - great - thanks!


Thank you!! Forwarding my G/F’s mom that is an active reiki practitioner and doesn’t understand how it conflicts with her Catholic upbringing, if I can even call it that.


We will pray


Thank you for sharing that very moving account! Tremendously worthwhile reading. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Interesting. My experience with reiki has been entirely good (I started over three years ago) and it has had a wonderful impact (entirely good!) in my family, and in the families of others I know.

As to the reports of activity of the Adversary, I actually found more people in the Charismatic Renewal afflicted with that than I have reiki practitioners. Does that make the CCC entirely unwholesome?


Actually if you read my thread in ‘Traditional Catholicism’ on spiritual warfare, and listen to the talks there you will gain some insight as to just what the serious problems are with the Charismatic movement today.

Entirely unwholesome? No… but seriously flawed… gravely mistaken in certain areas… yes. The people often have good intentions but do things that are bad spiritually, just like with reiki.


A balanced measure of anything consists of its fruits and truthfulness. If both of these are not present you can have a serious issue. The adversary is perfectly capable of producing good fruit for nefarious purposes. In the case of Reiki - the clear ruling of the church is that we have a fundamental problem in the area of truth as well. So - regardless of any positive outcomes one may have experienced, it is clearly incompatible with the Catholic faith…


I think I need to say that these two things:

The spiritual activity produces positive feelings.
The spiritual activity produces a positive external effect.

Are not rules that determine that the spiritual activity is a morally good thing that is pleasing to God.

In fact the opposite can and is often the case. And that, to sum it up is the problem with a great deal of the Charismatic, New Age, and occult movements. They approach the spiritual without a framework of knowledge of the spiritual reality, and rely only on the positive experiences they have.

For example:

Using the drug heroin produces positive feelings.
To the user it appears to have a positive immediate effect.

But using the drug heroin is an addiction and produces changes in the brain and damages the health in the long term.

In the Old Testament Moses has a competition with the Egyptian magicians, and they produce many similar effects to that ones he produces. Simply because something appears to have spiritually benefited the health does not mean it is of God – There are many illnesses caused by the spiritual, so that ‘curing’ them is a matter of spiritual deceit, for example.

The spiritual reality can be even more deadly than heroin, as something that always appears positive and beneficial can right up to the end, be mortally sinful and deadly to your spiritual life.

This is why all spiritual activity must be ordered within the framework God has given us, through Revelation and thence the Catholic Church the caretaker thereof. The saints and Popes testify to the rules for dealing with the spiritual reality, to the rules for the spiritual life.

If we abide by the laws of God in the spiritual life, if we seek to live moral lives and do not seek out extraordinary spiritual experiences but await the pleasure of God in these matters, then we are doing well. :slight_smile:




My experiences with the Charismatic movement have been almost entirely unhealthy. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that all charismatics are unwholesome. However, a person can look at any religious system, point to aspects (or individual practitioners of it) and say “Look, they’ve had thus and such problems, therefore the whole system is flawed”. Saying that would be illogical and fallacious, but it could still be said.

I know that the US bishops have issued this statement, and for many here, that is enough. I would like to just point out that there are people and communities that have had good experiences with reiki. I have used it for three years, encouraged my wife to do so, and we both use it daily on our daughter. In addition, we avail ourselves to the sacramentals of the Church, and my wife is a faithful Catholic.


Please read the following two links:


What is it that you consider Reiki is? Natural or spiritual?

There is no Reiki in Catholic tradition – there is forbidding of the occult and witchcraft and channeling in Catholic tradition. One of the main parts of the occult is manipulating spiritual forces through the mind.

There’ve been books out recently about how practices forbidden to the Church by God have crept into religious orders, the New Age. I have not read ‘Unicorn in the Sanctuary’ and books of this kind but perhaps they would be helpful.

Please cease immediately for the sake of you and your family. I cannot state plainly enough the trouble this causes. You will likely have difficulty stopping, which should also be a sign to you of the problems involved.

You have my prayers.

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