Reiki music

At first this stuff really freaked me out. I like to listen to some music with no lyrics while I study. I’ve burned out on Handel, Baroque music; and find that some Reiki music helps me concentrate and blocks out negative distractions in the house I may hear.
I never heard of it until I was searching on youtube for study music. I started reading about
" Healing " or Throat Charka, ( or multiple charkas) I don’t believe in any of those things,
but ironically enough, I find some of the music to be very very depressing to listen to.
producing many recalls of bad memories and time wasted. I guess this stuff isn’t all that
" Healing " I don’t know how people can worship it.
On top of all other things, for about 2 days I kept trying to find the " Throat Charka" online searching anatomy, apparently its not a real organ.
who new :shrug:

I don’t know much about Reiki, but as an RN from Canada, I had studied a similar therapy called Therapeutic Touch (TT). It is also an energy movement form of healing although no music is used in particular other than relaxing music of your choice. We had to study this technique in nursing, and studied it in further depth in my career in the US. It has absolutely nothing to do with religion or worshipping of anything. Throat Chakras certainly are not an organ. Just wanted to clear up any misconceptions of this energy form of healing. Does it work??? The results are not proven, but some say yes, others say no. If it relaxes someone enough, through, just a soft, comforting touch, then nothing is wrong with lowering a blood pressure with this relaxing technique. But that is all it is, is just a technique to assist with anxiety, blood pressure, pain. Not proven, nothing religious, but in the end, the patient feels better.
No “worshipping” involved.

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