Reincarnation and speaking in tongues


I cannot see any way possible that a belief in reincarnation can fit into the Christian faith. My question has to do with the disputing of claims of remembering past life’s. Remembering a past life could be explained off as simply false memories; however sometimes, they say, when a person undergoes past life regression and starts to remember a past life he/she starts speaking in a different language, one that the person had never learned before. From a Christian point of view how can something like this be explained?


disproof of the first matter

as to memories, we believe the saints speak with us, though such means and others…

God bless, Marc Aupiais

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Hi John,

As far as I know, books and articles claiming regression into a “former” life have never been supporrted by independent witnesses.

If an event should thus be supported, it could be explained by temporary possession. When attempting regression, you have to empty your mind from any other thought and leave it absolutely blank. This might leave an opportunity for the spirit of a deceased person or a demonic spirit to take over the mind, at least temporarily.

It could be that the mind would also construct some past life from what the person has heard, read on past times.

The tactic is to challenge the veracity of these claims. They just can never be true. We know this because God has revealed to us that the consequences of the life we are living now will last forever. So no other life, previous or to follow, is possible. Additionally, we know we will resurrect at the end of time. How can one soul resurrect with several bodies?



You ever notice how the people who have these past life regressions were always Napoleon or Charlemagne? I ran into one person who claims to have been the Roman centurian at the foot of the cross who said ‘‘Surely this man was the Son of God.’’ Nobody was ever the guy who scrubbed the toilets on the Titanic.



I begged to differ, I don’t believe that is the case that most people during a past life regression go to someone who is famous, but most of them go to boring lives, such as scrubbing toilets and the Titanic.

But the primary part of my question still remains unanswered, what about the phenomena of “speaking in tongues” while under a past life regression? How is it possible that someone can speak in a foreign language during a past life regression in which he/she has never learned in this life?


It’s not that surprising to me. Satan is going to counterfeit the spiritual gifts and do so in the way that’s going to cause the most spiritual damage. If he can use a counterfeit spiritual gift to get you thinking that there might really be something to reincarnation, then he’s going to do it.

In the letter to the Hebrews - I forget the exact passage - it says that it is given to men once to die and, after that, the judgment. The Bible leaves no room for reincarnation.



I will not go into my private revelation store, as this is not the place or time, but the spiritual is everywhere.

While I dislike his stance on Catholicism, Yung answered this Psychologically- we are all connected, just as the communion of saints says- it is no surprise that angels, demons, daemons, and saints should cause us or others to know what we cannot, nor that God does likewise, or perhaps we are simply connected to energy lines, which cause the passing effect of souls to effect us.

I think the spiritual being one is most in line with theology of course!:thumbsup:


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