My Non-Christain Brother was listening to a supposed fundimetalist minister on short wave who claimed re-incarnation was originally in the Bible however under the influence of the Eastern Emperor had all references removed in the sixth.
I told him I did’t no of any Christain church who taught this
Has anyone ever heard this before


No, I haven’t. I’m surprised a “fundamentalist” would be arguing such things in any case.


There are Christian churches that teach reincarnation, as well as many Christians who believe likewise.


This is a silly distortion of the condemnation of Origenism at the Fifth Ecumenical Council in the sixth century. One of the doctrines condemned was reincarnation. Scholars are not certain that Origen himself actually taught reincarnation (there are very complex textual issues involved, because most of Origen’s writings don’t exist in the original Greek), but apparently some later “Origenists” did.

Of course, the condemnation of something does not mean that it was accepted before that point–if anyone believed in reincarnation (it’s possible that the opponents of the Origenists were distorting what they actually taught) it was a small minority of Christians.



The Unity Church is only Christian in the equivocal, historical sense I have discussed on another thread. It is certainly not orthodox.



It may not be ‘Christian’ in the orthodox sense, but may one call it ‘Christic’?


Hey, that’s an interesting suggestion! I think I’ll raise it in the other thread, where I actually got in trouble for using “Christian” too broadly (I really do love playing devil’s advocate, I’m afraid!).


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