Hi, I received a letter saying I may not be meant for the religious life but “another state of life” - which leaves married life or single life.

However, the religious life still appeals me very much. Should I try a different congregation?

FYI, I accept their decision with an open heart. Now I’m just contemplating. :slight_smile:

Part of it would depend on the reasons that they determined that religious life was not for you.

As long as you desire religious life and providing you have the qualities or ability necessary to live the religious life, dont give up and continue to seek out a community.

It would be helpful and even wise and prudent to have spiritual direction and on an ongoing basis - this too would probably discern if you do have the necessary qualities and abilities.

Quite a few of our saints were rejected by religious communities a couple of times - they persevered and did go on to enter religious life.


Just because you’re called to do a work, does not mean you’re called to that particular community.

And just because u have a gift doesn’t mean they are able to work with it.

Keep searching.

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