Rejecting Catholic Truth


Why would a “Bible Only” Calvary Chaple member ask me as a Catholic questions about our faith and then reject the answers? I gave the answers that could be found on Catholic Answers with many Bible proof texts. I also gave him Bible passages and other information that put into question the things his group believes. He said we quote the Bible out of context and called the information Catholic lies. He believes Catholics have been influenced by Satan,pagan Rome and the pagan invaders. He has no regard for early Christian writing because he thinks even the New Testament shows some groups were in error from the very start.



Is this a friend of yours, or did you only run into him once?


I have communicated with this person for about two years mostly by e-mail but sometimes in person. We are trying to be friends but it seems we have disagree so much that it is hard. He did invite me to has wedding.



You have to have a firm foundation to start from… Ask him what he is basing his beliefs upon, and he will almost invariably say either “Jesus” or “the Bible” (or some similarly vague response). In the likely event that he says “the Bible”, then proceed to ask where Jesus ever says anything about the Bible. How does he know which books belong in there and which don’t? Also, point out to him that his “Bible Only” beliefs are nowhere to be found in scripture, so by definition that term contradicts itself.

Granted, don’t be any more confronting than you have to be… but don’t compromise the truth for fear of jeopardizing your friendship either. Some people (I don’t know if your friend is one of them) will continue to refuse something as truth no matter how much evidence they are given, just because of how stubborn they are. When confronted with such people, Jesus was in the habit of giving at most a second warning before allowing the people to just walk away. All you can do for sure is pray for them. Good luck, though, and let us know if you need any further help. :thumbsup:

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