Rejecting Medical Treatment...?

How do you feel about the rejection of medical treatment based on religion? Is this a topic at all relevant in the Catholic Church?

Also, the real reason I posted this is because I really need people to respond to my survey:

Sorry for the blatant self promotion, but this is a school related assignment and it would be really helpful if you could take it! I need 75 responses as soon as I can get them. Thank you so much for your time, and God bless!

I’ve been trying to take the survey, but I found it extremely hard. It was “yes” or “no” and for all cases I found I simply couldn’t answer it, try as I may Sorry At times, I simply didn’t know

I agree with the previous poster. The survey is badly constructed. The answer under Catholic teaching to many of the questions is either “sometimes” or “it depends”.

This thing does not let you not answer for an “other” response. Therefore, I could not take the survey either.

[bibledrb]Ecclesiasticus 38:1-15[/bibledrb]

I took the survey, but really had to fake some of the answers.
There’s no medical procedure than Catholics are not allowed to have, even abortion can be a tragic side effect of some essential procedure, for example in an ectopic pregnancy.
Maybe you could reword the survey and add some “don’t know” or “depends on circumstances” answers.

You require a yes or no and I don’t think a simple yes or no applies to any of the questions.

Unable to complete this as most (all?) are not simple yes/no choices. Sorry.

I answered all but the last question–the reference to a life saving procedure–seems dubious. Who can know when any medical treatment will in fact be life saving?

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