Rejection and depression

Long time reader, first time poster. I’ll introduce myself: I’m 16 years old lector (is it right term? I’m person reading scripture and helping priest during mass) at my local parish. For several years I’ve been struggling with depression, recent rejection just made this problem resurface. I have always been isolated from my mates as I was the wise and believing one (my primary school class was strongly atheistic). Being melancholic contributed to my feeling of isolation. I have no one to talk to, not counting my family of course, but unfortunately I don’t have very good contact with them (don’t get me wrong, I try my best at being a perfect child, just despite of that I don’t talk with them about my private life). It also makes me sad that everyone thinks that I’m perfect (because I attend every other day mass or more often, and I’m kind to everyone), when I don’t really deserve it. I’m also worried when I see how modern culture destroys faith in people I care about and I can’t do anything to protect them.
Any prayers will be very appreciated, so would words of advice.
God bless you all.

Hi Augustine,

Its not easy being 16 and devoted to God in this day-and-age. So with that fact alone that makes you tougher than you realize. Rejection and depression are always hard crosses to bare, and it can feel magnified when in highschool. But the good news is you share something in comon with Christ. He was very depressed, he felt very isolated and very rejected. When you share in Christ’s emotions you grow closer to Him. This could be God working his wonders within you. SO be patient with yourself. And be good to yourself (especially when no one else will)


The teen years can be tough. Still, try not to let a sense of rejection or depression get hold of you. Seek out some advise from a trusted counselor and continue to focus on doing well in school. Remember doing the right and moral thing does not always mean that we will feel good or happy.

Doing the will of God brings challenges and can result in dry arid times in life. After all we are opposing the ways of world for God. Hang in there. You will find others who have the same struggles and you will get through this.

You do not have to live with such a heavy burden - living with the expectation that you need to be perfect. This will cause you to feel depressed. This will cause other people to reject you.

I used to be that way when I was a teenager and a young adult. My hardest lesson in life was to learn to be “OK” with other people seeing me as “bad.” I’m not suggesting that you go out and purposely sin. What I am suggesting is that you allow others to see the person that you really are. You don’t have to hide all your selfishness, anger, frustrations, depression, feelings, needs, or fears. Quite the contrary, you need to own these as part of your God-given humanity. Posting here was a very good first step. Good job taking this risk.

None of our Catholic Saints were perfect people, even as Saints the human part of them still sinned - for example, St. Jerome was known for his angry outbursts. The point of being Catholic is that God uses imperfect human beings to do His perfect work on earth. St. Jerome in all his unpleasantness gave us the bible. The “perfection” of the Saints is all about accepting who you are - an imperfect human being - and allowing God to use you to do His will. You will never know that all the good things that you do are truly done under God’s power until you own the depth of your own humanity and sinfulness. You cannot accept yourself and your own sinfulness completely until you find a trustworthy friend who shows you this acceptance without rejecting you. This is what I sense you are seeking right now.

You are a deep thinker. You have a lot to offer the world. Go ahead and take a risk, share your most imperfect self with people who are mature and accepting of imperfect people and you will find great freedom. You are a perfect candidate for seeing a spiritual director. Your priest should be able to help you find one.

What about a Catholic youth group of some kind, like Life Teen? Have you tried any of those? Youth retreat?

Prayers! :crossrc:

Thank you for all your replies and prayers. Today I feel much better, I decided to offer my suffering in intention of person that rejected me.

Your probably right, maybe it’s just God answering my prayers of strengthening my faith.
The thing that troubles me most right now is that I’m unable to perceive hope as something positive, but rather as delusion that kept me from doing all I could.
Fortunately having two dogs really helps me. :smiley:
God bless you all.

I know what you mean, You are in my prayers. Please remain strong and don’t let today’s world influence you on leaving the faith.

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