Rejection because of religion and cyberbullying


Say guys, this question has been bothering me a lot lately. I recently really, really came out of my anti-social and shy shell and am slowly doing away with my depression but I’m always scared that because of my conservative views on Catholic values (as in, I’m against same sex marriage, abortion and a strong believer in outside the Church there is no salvation) I may get no friends. I don’t want to change my values because other people are simply bothered by them.

Now note this: I haven;t met with anyone and actually discussed religion butif the topic does come up, what should I do? If I do talk to someone on such topics on the internet, I try to be respectful and give straight and to the point answers but sometimes, I find it really hard to keep my calm. Recently, a engaged in a debate with an atheist woman who was always repeating the same arguments and always insulting me, calling me disgusting for beleiving in my ‘disgusting’ religion and even said I should not have kids:mad:. I basically told her to screw off and leave me alone and blocked her. To be honest, with all respect to normal atheists, I find that alot of people who are fans of you tube atheists are really, really mean spirited and anti-christian. I’m not saying that all atheists are like that, I’m saying that on you tube, I’ve met very, very few decent ones.

A worse example that really makes me angry is one where I engaged in a debate with an atheist who had his own small channel. I never said anything rude to him nor was it ehated until he told me I need to learn a lesson and that he will not stop until I do. That got me really angry and told him to stop pretending that he can read me as if he’s my father. Some months later, I find that he actually made a video dedicated to refuting my comments on you tube and I commented on it, saying to leave me alone and that I’m not even going to waste my time watching it. He sarted saying the same old rubbish and how I was a fool for ‘caring’ about such a video (I called him a manic obsessive **** for taking this thing so far and trying to change me). I blocked him after that and even reported him. I don’t want anyone to be obsessed with me or to harass me as I already had another bully constantly commenting to every comment no matter how small it was that I wrote. To make it worse, get this, someone actually asked me what I think about anal sex on his video. I told him that that question came out of nowhere and I refuse to answer it. Cue the channel owner taking it as if I was manic obssessed about his channel. Of course, I didn’t respond to his comment to stop any harassment.

It’s things like this that get me down sometimes and I feel bad that someone has such a stupid grudge against me. Has such a thing ever happened to you guys? What advice would you give? I don’t care about what bullies think of me because I have my own life to live and unlike the people on these forums, they never gave me good advice.:slight_smile:

“And you will be handed over by your parents, and brothers, and relatives, and friends. And they will bring about the death of some of you. And you will be hated by all because of my name. And yet, not a hair of your head will perish. By your patience, you shall possess your souls.” Luke 21:16-19

Maybe stay away from youtube?

YouTube, Facebook, and even CAF are excellent places to express different views, share information, and build bridges between people.

However these are virtual forums. They not intended as therapy or a replacement for face-to-face contact. If you are struggling to recognise this, you need to keep your online socialising to a minimum.

I think everyone on CAF has become involved in some heated discussion or provoked by a thread troll. When things start to get out of hand, pull out. Then forget about it. I never let allow another poster to get the better of me. I couldn’t care less what he says because at the end of the day, it’s all virtual interaction.

Stay off of You-tube and other internet sites where people provoke you and find some live friends to share your faith with. It is much more productive and fulfilling.

Such internet sites are basically a fantasy world. You need real people to interact with. Why do you waste your time with these people when it can lead you into sin?

I watch YouTube videos…but after some painful events, I have learned to never, ever, ever SCROLL DOWN! :>)
I watch a video, if I don’t like it, I think my thoughts and move on.
If I like it, I might comment.
I never, ever, ever read the comments of others. :nope:

Especially if the video is of children with Down syndrome. :nope: There is bound to be at least one person who will lead me and my thoughts right into the Devil’s trap!

Realize that some people who post comments are just trying to get a reaction.
When their negative comments start to have a negative effect on your day or life, then (if you are like me) you need to distance yourself from their comments. You wouldn’t continue to hang out IRL with people who treated you like that, so why would you spend virtual time with people who act like that? (rhetorical question, of course :thumbsup:)

In my opinion, I think that it would help if perhaps you didn’t refer to anyone, regardless of what actions they have done, as a “manic obsessive ****,” or tell anyone to screw off. The saying goes, “They shall know we are Christians by our love,” and though it’s rather cliched, I think it’s a good philosophy to take. Disagreeing/debating with individuals is fine, however, it is the manner in which one approaches it which is extremely important. Everyone is deserving of our respect and love, even if they are being uncharitable to us. It is not easy being a Catholic or Christian in this day and age, however, we are still called to love one another as Christ loves us. Another point which struck me is that you do not believe anyone can be saved unless they are Catholic. I have often heard this format from my Evangelical Christian cousins, that “unless you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are going to Hell.” Despite repeated assurances that we as Catholics, do accept Christ as our Savior, they are firmly convinced that since we are not their religion, we are doomed to suffer for eternity. :slight_smile: It’s made for some rather interesting Christmases. I think that it’s important to note that God is merciful, and that God is the only one who can judge who is going to Heaven and who is not. I think that though some may hold opinions over who is and who is not going to Heaven, it is extremely prudent that one should not express these views in the manner of “If you don’t believe like me, you are most definitely not going to Heaven,” because A.) it is uncharitable and B.) it is not even true. Only God decides that, and he may choose to save whomever he wants.

Thanks forn your opinions everyone. Yeah, you tube has a ton of really mean spirited comments and some of the people I talked with just refuse to be talked to with reason. I’ll avoid them as much as possible and not care about them or their opinions. I am making new friends though, especially since I joined a kendo dojo recently:D.

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