Rejoice with me


…the Holy Spirit is working on the heart of my good friend, a Protestant. Last night, for the first time, he not only accepted the sacrament of confession as legitimate, but agreed that it is a beautiful thing.

He also rejects contraception, goes to Mass without me if I’m out of town, is starting to believe in the Real Presence and agrees that unrepented sin will result in a being in a state of mortal sin.

When I met him, he was staunch fundamentalist, with a liberal dose of Calvinism and anti-Catholic sentiment.

Glory be to God!

:heart: Love is Patient



That is, indeed, quite good news.


:extrahappy: This is a happy dance, not a liturgical dance.


Awesome awesome awesome!! I share your joy!!!


I’ll join in that dance!! :extrahappy: :smiley:

Praise Jesus and His Holy Name. He is so good. :heart:


Praise God!


Oh yes, definitely happy dance time! :extrahappy:


Hey! Sounds like me a few years ago!!!

Keep up the good works! <----j/k


Praying for more, hehe.


Me too. :smiley:


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