Vocations: over the last 7 years, 1 new priest every 3 weeks in the FSSP.
40 first year seminarians have been admitted in our seminaries in 2006.
14 priests have been ordained for the FSSP in 2006, 10 of whom had been formed in our English-speaking seminary.

Tradition lives!

Keep up your prayers (especially if their in Latin :wink: )

They DO work.

And pray for me also, a sinner with my own vocation in the Fraternity.

Heres some more encouragement.

Enjoy the pictures.

Proudly brought to you by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

First Mass of a new FSSP Priest.

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Ordination of a new FSSP priest.

Explore John Newaz

I’m 55 years old. I would don cassock and surplice to be able to assist at such a Mass.

More Rejoicing…

Amen! :amen:

I sing in the schola at Mater Misericordia Mission, (a FSSP parish.) :slight_smile:

That graph is especially nice to see. I think that the more there are, the more young people will experience them, and the more priests and bishops we will have in the future who will be inclined to offer even more in their parishes.

PS: MS, congrats on being accepted into the FSSP seminary! :gopray:

MS, God Bless you in your discernment.

When you are ordained, come down here to College Station, TX, the placed dubbed as “The most Anti-Choice community in America” by Planned Parenthood. Our conservative population would be all over a Latin Mass.

Oh yeah, and I am a founding member of the local men’s gregorian chant schola cantorum. We have tripled in size in the past 3 years.

If anything, put a word in for us at the sem. The closest TLM is 2 hrs away. Eeek!


The Graphs does not include the SSPX which would contribute to the US numbers an additional:…

64 priests

3 deacons

11 brothers

63 seminarians

24 sisters

850 Third Order members

103 chapels
18 priories

3 houses of formation

4 retreat houses

25 schools & 1 college

1 publishing house: Angelus Press

Please pray for the regularization of the SSPX – removing the false stigma of “schism” will greatly help SSPX to help the wider Church and her faithful

I was especially surprised at the low percentage of TLM’s celebrated weekly in the US. To view the posts on this forum, I was under a wrong impression that the TLM was more widely in use than only 230 per week in post #4.

Could this be the very reason for the delay in the indult? Not enough participation?

When one considers that there are 18,584 parishes in the US, celebrating an average of 3 masses per weekend (55,752 masses), then 230 is absolutely minimal (0.004%).

I am beginning to understand that this is probably the sole reason the bishops have not granted permissions for it. It is encouraging to me, for I never did believe they were just being arbitrary, but very pastoral in their office, and exercising an honest assessment of the lack of interest.

Exactly it will create a rolling snow ball effect and I can’t wait.

I think you have it just backwards, Rykell–the reason that there are not more weekly Masses is because the bishops refuse permission for them! In the entire state of New Mexico, only one of the three bishops allows the Latin Mass, and there is only one Mass, once a week…

We have a long way to go to pass the NO mass but i can tell you that we have momentum and our Parishes are full of children for the next generation of traditional catholics.

and yet…us trads ask for so little and get even less.

The logic is a little wrong… You assumed that each TLM is celebrated only once on sunday… This may not be true ( mine has two masses per sunday one high and one low)

I can see you were never involved in trying to get a TLM indult. My parish tried for two years before our conservative bishop agreed.

1… I think the TLM suffers from the association with Schism
2…My NO priest told me that the TLM was for "old people"
3…Indults are placed in questionable neighborhoods and poor times
4… Lack of knowledge about the TLM ( in my RCIA class i was told that there was only the NO mass)


When was the last time you heard about the TLM from your Priest in your NO parish?

Missa Solemnis;1925824
Keep up your prayers (especially if their in Latin :wink:


The logic is a little wrong… You assumed that each TLM is celebrated only once on sunday… This may not be true ( mine has two masses per sunday one high and one low)

Actually, I was being generous. Most TLM’s are only celebrated once or twice a month. I just learned from Caesar on another thread that he can only attend once a month.

Why is it so difficult to believe that the bishops have honestly considered many factors that are beyond our consideration in this matter?

“3…Indults are placed in questionable neighborhoods and poor times.”

Do you think it is appropriate for a bishop to assign a highly-attended mass time for a TLM liturgy, when very few would attend?

The only hope I see is for TLM devotees to get a written petition showing a decidedly large number of people who are interested and would regularly attend this liturgy. My own suspicions are that the percentage of signers would be as minimal as 5%, if that many, though I could be wrong. I’m going on the figure of less than half of 1% of masses in my previous post, and wondering how full these liturgies are.

Until the bishops see a great demand for this liturgy, I doubt that even the Motu Proprio expected from Pope Benedict will make much difference.

That is discouraging, I realize, but I don’t know how else to help you folks. I pray you will consider that the bishops are Shepherds of God, and are not just being nasty for contrariness’ sake.

It’s very easy to come up with numbers that seem to indicate lack of interest in the Tridentine Mass when you 1) go out of your way to prohibit it, 2) begrudgingly allow it, but only after tedious negotiations that end up not allowing a weekly Mass or making the location difficult for many, 3) wait a year and declare nobody really wanted it anyway, after you went out of your way to restrict its use.

The fact remains that the majority of Roman Catholics will accept whatever their local, territorial parish offers.

As for the “shepherds of God”…yes, those lucky sheep in England and Wales can now experience Gay Masses.

Please read the chart more carefully … Per chart those are EVERY SUNDAY MASS… The once or twice per month are in addition to that number

I have been there asking for permission to say teh TLM in a basement or gym. I speak from experience …Do you?

I am hardly discourged… We have the momentum and are growing everyday . These stats are only the indult. The SSPX are growing just as fast… Even an aok tree had to start out as a acorn.

You forgot to answer my question… When was teh last time your NO Priest talked about the TLM? other than do not attend the SSPX masses?

Gee, you really ought to think before you post. Checkout the type on the vertical side of the graph. See that part that says “Masses Every Sunday”? From that you got that MOST are said only once or twice a month? Your generosity certainly could be improved on.

You’re making a pretty big (and poor) logical leap in concluding, basically from what you’ve posted above, that the bishop’s don’t grant indults because there are not many indult Masses. It’s quite possible to contest that leap without attributing evil intent to the bishops.

By the way, on the real topic of the thread, I’m overjoyed by the growth in the FSSP. Even though I have never benefited personally from their ministrations (i.e. never attended one of their chapels or met one of their priests) I make a point to direct what small contributions I can afford in their direction in the hopes that by doing so others will be able to benefit. Luckily, I’m currently only 10-15min away from a weekly TLM, so I don’t have to be too impatient about their expansion to my area just yet.

Sorry, I agree that in my oversight I did not see the sideways print on the left stating “weekly.” Nevertheless, if I am doubly generous and assume that ALL of these are celebrated twice on Sunday, as Devotus mentioned, then that would raise the percentage to 0.008%.

When was the last time you heard about the TLM from your Priest in your NO parish?

Is there a reason why I would? His homilies are on scripture, not other rites. I don’t see your point. Should it be in our bulletin asking if anybody would like him to celebrate a TLM?

interesting how you read the graph correctly in post 11
Originally Posted by Rykell
I was especially surprised at the low percentage of TLM’s celebrated **weekly **in the US

This speaks greatly of your priest / parish / Bishop (?) support of the TLM. If the Great Masses of the NO Parishes do not hear about the TLM how do you expect it to grow? I used to hear about “Healing Masses” , “Children Masses” , some strange sister who does healing service etc when I attended a NO parish. The only time i remotely heard about a TLM was by our deacon who said do not attend the SSPX masses.

I would bet that most joe in the pew catholic has no idea about the TLM and it so much more than a Mass said in latin.

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