Relapse , again and again.

Shalom my brothers and sisters in Christ !
Its my first time here and I am just a regular 16 year old boy who has issues in overcoming the problem of masturbation. I tried to stop , but eventually I fall back into temptation and I did it again and again. This is the sin that I have been confessing all the time since I was 14 and somehow it makes me feel embarrassed , guilty and angry because I just simply can’t overcome it. I haven’t try to reach out to anyone regarding this matter because I am really not comfortable talking about this to anyone :blush: . I just want to stop doing this because I know it is A SERIOUS AND GRAVE sin , and I know its hurting my soul. Please , any advice would do and please pray for me .

God bless ,


I can pray for you.

On the one hand, the Church says masturbation may be a venial sin under certain circumstances (such as, being around your age).
On the other hand, I hesitate to even mention this because it is certainly not a free pass for masturbation.

Only God knows whether it is venial or mortal. He is the one who judges our hearts, and He knows our hearts better than we do.

Continue to go to confession with a contrite heart. Remember that God does love you even during these times, and He and His mother are hoping you will turn it around. Don’t begin to hate yourself.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to stop. I thought it would be impossible for me. Continue to pray, when you stumble try again and seek God with contrition. “If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off!” Okay… so… obviously I’m not saying you should amputate ANY part of your body (the Church condemns this!!), but what I am saying is, stay away from things that tempt you. Put a password on your computer so you can’t access porn sites without entering it. Throw away any porn or other tempting materials you have. And stay busy.

God bless you, good luck. Above all, remember God loves you, do not hate yourself, and always keep God in your sight. :thumbsup:

Edit: I was reading an article by a nun in a vocation magazine recently… she said, “…and let’s be honest, the sex drive does not go away entirely!” Don’t expect perfection in yourself; but do what you can to follow the ways of our God.

Thank you sir for the support :’). I can honestly say that I am free of pornography for a month now and I hope slowly through constant prayer I can stop masturbating. I have been clean for a few weeks until a few days ago , I did it again. Thank you , I really appreciate your kindness :’)

It’s serious and grave matter.

However the Catechism at 2353 also says:

To form an equitable judgment about the subjects’ moral responsibility and to guide pastoral action, one must take into account the affective immaturity, force of acquired habit, conditions of anxiety or other psychological or social factors that lessen, if not even reduce to a minimum, moral culpability.

Posting this extract from the CCC is not to argue that you are not sinning, or to stop you from trying to stop, or even to say that it’s OK to keep on keeping on, just to put it into proportion.

Not a few priests have told me “there are other sins you know” and “it’s the 6th commandment not the 1st for a reason.”

Once when I went to confession I was told that relapsation into sin is an ever present danger. But at the time of making your act of contrtition you must be resolved not to sin again.

Thankfully the Lord knows we have it in us to turn from him any number of times and we can choose to turn back to him as often and at any time we like. He always is waiting with open arms.

I’m disappointed a priest would feel gravity of sin depends on the order of the commandments, especially when Jesus told us if we broke one, we have broken them all.

I’m disappointed that’s the only thing you could garner from my post.

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