Relapsed after 17 months!


I feel so ashamed. After seventeen months, almost a year and a half without cutting myself, I went and cut my arm with a razor blade a little while ago :crying:.

After *seventeen months!*I’ve had more stressful things to deal with during that time! Why now!?! Is it just because I wanted attention? It just makes me so mad to think that it might have been.

I’m scared now, scared of falling back into that pattern. I don’t know if I can pick myself up from this. If I can cave to the remedial pressures I’m dealing with right now, who knows what other kinds of things might set me off!?

…seventeen months…down the drain…

What am I going to tell people, especialy my boyfriend, if they see the cuts on my arm? How am I going to cope when my roomate leaves for the weekend and I’m by myself?

Prayers and advice would be appreciated.



Sending prayers your way…

In the meantime, do you have someone you can talk to about this who can give you guidance and support locally?


Thank you :slight_smile: .

I did call my therapist at the college wellness center, but he’s only available so many hours out of the day:o .


Talk to Mary… Our blessed Mother is always there for us and could bring you comfort. Maybe pray the rosary as well… it always helps me center myself when I my anxiety gets out of control.


Yes, pray the rosary. When you feel the urge to cut yourself, just hold onto the beads. That’s what I do when I feel the urge to starve myself; I go to my bedroom and pray the rosary or just run my fingers over the beads. It’s so soothing and it helps me recover from anorexia.

This may also help you:

If you ever need a friend to talk to, please feel free to PM me. My best friend has a history of self-injuring, so I’m very sensitive to these sorts of problems.


“17 months down the drain”!!! Absolutely not! You’ve lasted SEVENTEEN MONTHS! Some people don’t even keep a car that long. I think that’s a great accomplishment! Now, you know you’ve done it before and you can do it again. Don’t beat yourself up over a slip, you’ve done wonderful up to this point.

I will keep you in my prayers! :crossrc:


Keep praying!! Ask St. Jude to intercede for you! You are not alone.:o
Love, Ljubim


Our Lord loves you, no matter what! All you can do is trust in Him, pick yourself back up and continue trudging on. I will pray for you…



This is a story about an enemy of Jesus Christ.

There once was a zealous man who persecuted Christians. He was so full of zeal and so full of hatred for what he perceived to be evil people that he persecuted as many of Christ’s followers as he could. He would go from town to town and imprison and kill them. He was always the first one to consent to the death of a Christian, and he even stirred up a mob to kill a man who was full of the Holy Spirit and had committed no wrongs save that of being Christian. And do you know what happened to this individual? He was chosen by Jesus to receive a revelation, and appointed as a bishop, and lived the rest of his life for Christ - even to the point of spilling his blood for the Lord.

This man we know today as St. Paul.

Reflect upon Saint Paul’s conversion, for there you will find God’s Mercy and Grace.


My dear friend

I can’t offer medical advice. Just keep in close contact with your doctors. I would say that regardless of yor sickness God loves you. He loves those that suffer the most because they most closely resemble His Son. I’ll pray hard for you. Just persevere and please offer up prayers and sufferings for me.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:



:hug1: Please go get help! 17 months are not down the drain. Remember that you CAN refrain from hurting yourself. You have done so. Please get the help to avoid hurting yourself. I will pray for you.


Thank you so much everyone. It means a lot.


don’t give up :hug1: 17 months is a long time. You’ve done great :thumbsup: and now you know you can overcome it. just pick up from where you’ve left off… dont get discouraged. It’s also a good idea to get some help and not deal with this alone. Remember that God loves you and if something is going wrong, turn to Him, pray, and this would give you strength. God bless


Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

Praying for you! Trust in God!


apromisemade- first God loves you. second DO NOT say a thing like ‘mad’ ‘angry’ scared ‘shame’. these are things to make it hard to stop. they are not months down the drain. they are being who you want to be. a good thing no?

Jesus is not mad angry scared shamed. not for you. He loves you. He suffered for you. give all anxiety. pain. what you suffer. TO Him. say to Him- i give this to you. say it many times. say it every time. if you need think that you can sit next to Him. tell Him what it is you need. say you need His help.

go to Mass Saturday and Sunday. many times. this is better than to be alone. remember at Mass we say- ‘free us from all anxiety’ and ‘say the word and i shall be healed’. these are not only words. this is Truth. like a woman who can touch the clothes of Jesus. think of this. He heals all. at times we forget this. i do. but to forget does not make a Truth into a lie. the Truth is still the same. He loves you. holds you. always and every where.


It’s not 17 months down the drain, it’s 17 months free of your self destructive vice. It’s 17 months of confidence that you can go long term with out cutting. Don’t get caught up in the failure of relapsing, direct any anger and emotion you have towards re-enforcing your self control and your determination to beat this.

Be sure to pray frequently, I’ll add you to my (1 decade, oh well) of the rosary I’m going to pray tonight.


My prayers go with you.
You are not alone, Pick yourself up and live one day at a time. We in recovery have a wonderfull prayer called the Serenity Prayer you might want to say it. If you like to PM me please do. I understand.
May the peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
jesus g


Dear Friend,

You’ve already gotten some very excellent advice from the other posters.

I just wanted to add—Keep going, girl! You slipped, fell, now, dust yourself off, and set your feet back on the path----Keep praying!

God bless you!


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