Relationship and 'signs'

I find myself in quite a conundrum. My relationship just ended because my girlfriend claimed she asked for dreams as a determining sign as to the long term status for our relatationship. And she got dreams, but not good ones. Thus, she thinks it is not His will that we be together, and she broke it off.

I, however, have been praying quite consistently for months on end to see God’s will for us. In all honesty, I haven’t heard a single negative thing from the Lord. I took that as His approval.

Now that it’s over, I’m confused. I don’t think it was meant to end so soon, or even at all. So, me being foolish, I asked the Lord for a sign of my own: I wanted to see a dead brid if the relationship was done for good (I am currently working to get her back), or a worm if we are meant to be. The eerie thing is, I had chicken and turkey for dinner.

I don’t know if I trust signs like these though. I’m inclined not to, but at the same time, my prayer was answered (or so it seems). As soon as I asked for the sign I immediately admitted to the Lord that it was stupid and I shouldn’t have asked. But we ate chicken and turkey nonetheless.

Should I make anything of these signs? Both from my ex and myself. Or is it all coincidental and should it be ignored? I tend to ignore this kind of stuff, but it seems too… Eerie to be ignored. I don’t know what to make of it. Thoughts?


Blessings on your day and sorry to hear about your relationship breaking up, that is very painful.

I am sorry to share my observation but I don’t think you needed worms or birds. I think God gave you a huge sign that your relationship was over when your girlfriend ended your relationship over a dream she had. What if you were married, is she going to get a divorce over a dream? Really…she is either not completely mature and ready for a relationship or she may have been looking for an excuse. I am just a stranger on the internet so I don’t know much.

What I can tell you is that Jesus Christ loves you very much! Jesus has plans for you that include joy and happiness! Please turn to him he has all you need and the answers you are seeking. I will pray for you, God bless.

Dreams? Seriously?

Dating is about communication. Weither its telling your bf velveeta is not in any known food group or discussing child rearing issues its vital.

also never “go along to get along”. Thats a form of lying. Trying new things…always good. (eg. fishing) Saying you enjoy something you lothe…idiotic. (rock concerts). How can he trust me and learn who i am by lying? So far we seem evenly matched…but we know this through time and talking. As far as future it is a discussion…with words.

Your ex has strange hangups and is not communicating well. Trusting dreams sounds like a 7th grade fad. Break ups should happen over serious matters or serious communication issues…not because you ate too much before bed.

I am sorry for your pain. However it sounds as if you dodged a bullet.

I really, really, really don’t think God speaks to us based on gastronomical exertions. Would he have given you an apple with a worm in it if it was meant to be?

Nailed it in one.

I hope god is not like Bill Engvall. The girl got her sign.
Hopefully you need no more than that.

A thing that should work is if she comes back it is for real . You must let her go and if it really God’s will she shall come back to you . Move on for now and if she comes back you will know that God wants it that way .

Wish her well and move on.

It is better to depart now rather than with the help of an expensive divorce lawyer and at the expense of children later on in life.

If she indicates it is over, thank your lucky stars.

God is not a Magic 8 Ball.

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Firstly, don’t be with someone who would end it over a dream.

Secondly, don’t go asking for signs from God. Pray that He will lead you in the right path, don’t don’t expect it to be sign-posted with dead birds or worms. Seriously, a dea bird? It’s pretty common thing to eat, so surely coincidence is a better explanation. Don’t ask for signs…it is putting God to the test and failing to show Him the patience that He deserves.

Thirdly, best wishes for your new life without this girl. Try to find someone who has a true faith in God, not a superstition for strange dreams.

Running her life through dreams? Sounds more occult than Christ-based. My goodness, if I took my dreams as how to run my life, I’d be a storm chaser! I used to dream about tornadoes all the time! I don’t think God was telling me to go run around the Midwest looking for storm cells and taking my life in my hands!

Do not test God by asking for a “sign” like a worm!! :confused: You know that Satan can use anything to get to you, how would you know it was God and not a demon??

As the other posters said, God did give you a sign that you were not meant to be with this girl - she broke up with you!

[SIGN]Here’s Your Sign![/SIGN]


Sorry this has happend to you. But if your GF ended your relationship over a dream I get feeling she was looking for a way out anyway and this was as good of an excuse as any. As hard as it might be you need to let her go. Pray that she returns to you, but do not be disapointed if she does not. Praying for you that she does though cuz you sound like you really love her.

I’ll give you an example; I was somewhat involved with a woman who claimed to hear God and see Jesus and Mary. At one stage, she was ‘asked’ to do something for God and in order to confirm that this was really what He wanted (in case it was a diabolical message), she asked for a sign every day until the event, in the form of the number 33. Every day, there was a 33. Thing is, when I heard about this, I started seeing 33 everywhere. I got to the point where I thought God wanted something of me. Problem was, I had no idea what He wanted of me.

In desperation I spoke to a priest about this, and he told me not to read too much into these things. If you’re looking for a bird, you’ll see a bird. If you want a dream, you’ll see what you’re looking for in whatever dream you have.

Thank you everyone for the advice :slight_smile:

To be fair, the dreams/feelings were not totally a determining factor in the breakup. Did they influence the decision? Yes. Did they make or break the decision? I would say no. But I do think things may have been different if that stuff never happened.

Now for my own ‘signs’, I fully admit they’re stupid. No question about it. I recanted my statement before the Lord almost as soon as I said it. They were stupid.

Thanks again, everyone :slight_smile:

it’s like when you buy a new car, suddenly you see that kind of car everywhere, where before, you’d never noticed them. They were there all the time but you weren’t paying attention because you had no connection to them.

Looking for signs is just superstition, and makes us seem like kooks to the wider world.

Good one!!

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