Relationship between faith and science

Thought this would be interesting to everyone out there interested in the relationship between faith and science (there are 3 parts total)


Thank you. I’ll pass the link on to a science graduate who has struggled with the question.

Hi Trishie- Interesting that you will pass this on to someone struggling with this balance. I myself struggle with it daily as well, and I struggled especially when I was younger and constantly tried to prove that God existed with science. Until I came to realize, as the video describes, my personal relationship with God, I then could do science (specifically astronomy and physics) while at the same time understanding that God was the “artist” behind the glory and vastness that is our universe.

I was doing things backward in the past. As Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light”- until I developed and keep developing a personal relationship with Him, I did not feel satisfied with my proof of God through science. There was always something inside me, some doubt that told me that there must be something else that I wasn’t experiencing yet with the way that I was approaching and leading my life.

Once I started understanding his “Way” and developing my personal relationship with Him, everything else fell into place.

I suggest to your science graduate that he/she spend time sitting in church, quietly, without talking much, but instead just listen as God talks to him/her in the silence of his/her heart.

God bless

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