Relationship between God's power and God's will

We all know that God is omnipotent but there are certain things that God can’t do. For example God cannot sin, and God cannot create a rock so heavy that he can’t lift it. And here is my question. For everything that God can’t do, is it the case that God doesn’t will them also? (Ex not only that God cannot sin, but God is also not willing to commit sin; not only that he cannot create a rock so heavy that he can’t lift it, but he is also not willing to create such rock, etc)

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God cannot do what is fundamentally impossible. God could not draw a square circle, no matter how badly he wanted to.

He could not make the rock (even if he wanted to) because there’s no such thing as a physical object that cannot be manipulated by an infinite force. Such a rock could not possibly exist.

God could not write pi out to the last decimal place, because there is no last decimal place.

God could make dragons and unicorns (if he wanted to), but he could not make square circles and impossibly heavy rocks.

The reason that God cannot sin is because sin is not part of his nature. No being can act in a way that is not in accord with his nature. We have a fallen (sinful) human nature, so we can do sinful acts. God has no sinful nature, so he is incapable of sinning (even if he somehow wanted to). He could no more sin than you can spread your arms and fly.

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