Relationship broken


My relationship with this girl I really liked broke down, despite a year of fun times and getting closer together. Please pray that I have the strength and get the insight from God to rebuild it again :frowning:


Praying for you right now.

God Bless,



Give your child what is needed to grow from this situation. If a rekindling of the relationship can work in the confines of Your Will then please bring these souls back together.

By the Precious Blood of Jesus, please give him the ability to look always to the crucifix so that no longing for another person can override how he feels for You!

Please fill him with Your Holy Spirit to continue in life how You need him to live and help this situation work according to Your Word!

Immaculate Mary, please pray for us!
Saint Joseph, please pray for us!
All Angels and All Saints, please pray for us!

Amen, Amen


May God Bless you, In my prayers


Our Father,

Your servant is hurting at this time. Please comfort him and bring him peace. If it is your will, help repair and build up this relationship.

God Bless you!



Jesus we ask your compassion and help for this man. It is painful to bear broken relationships and can affect a person’s life deeply. Please, if this relationship is good for him, help him to rebuild it.




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