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I feel a little embarrassed, but I’d rather ask than not. What is a good Catholic relationship with Jesus look like?


A good Catholic relationship with Jesus looks like lots of prayer, frequenting the Sacraments with good dispositions, and making an honest attempt every day to do better than the last day in lining our wills up with His (which is primarily done through Prayer).


Jesus is my brother, my best friend, the one who loves me, the one I can always turn to, the one who is always there, always listening, always caring, always guiding, and I try to always love him back. Plus, he is my God who saves me and I am always grateful and humbled. I can talk to Jesus about anything, any time.

This isn’t much different from a good Protestant relationship with Jesus, from what I’ve seen.


Why are you embarrassed?

It is a good question anyway.

I am not an expert on this but that relationship is just like any relationship with anybody except here, it is with Jesus.

Thus you have to truly know who Jesus is. Of course, He is God. He loves us, that He even died for us. He is the second person of the Trinity.

It is important to understand this love for us. It is a love that needs a response. What is our response then?

Probably from that it tells a lot about this relationship. It is a love relationship. When we say the ‘fear of the Lord’, that fear arises from fear of
losing this relationship - that by the sins we commit, we can very well lose that relationship.

Thus this relationship primarily a relationship with Jesus where we will do everything possible to avoid sin - we fear Him because He is God, we honour Him because He is King, we learn from Him because He is a teacher and we call Him Master, we put ourselves under His protection because He is a Good Shepherd and we are His sheep, we can come to Him unconditionally as what we are because He is our Friend.

This probably is our relationship with Jesus. Of course, to foster that relationship, we need to spend time with Him (in prayer).


You “talk” to Jesus daily. You give Him your day from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you close your eyes at night. You give Him your all, every moment of every day. It’s just like having a close relationship with anybody you love. You talk to them, you tell them everything you lean on them and you want to be with them. It is always wanting to be with Jesus and when you are you are the happiest you can possibly be.


Look at the lives of the saints and you got an answer.


A relationship with Jesus is like no other relationship you have ever had … He is brother, friend, Savior and God … to have a deep relationship with our Lord one must pray earnestly, seek Him out in the Sacraments and always be mindful of our deep connection to Him … in everything we do we must be mindful that His will be done through us.


I think , @Michael16 , that you will need to do the impossible , and that is to look at every Catholic’s relationship with Jesus because each one will be different .

We are called to recognise that every human being is unique because he or she was willed by God as an unrepeatable person , so each relationship with Jesus is going to be different and unrepeatable .

I have a painting of Jesus in my living room . It is Holman Hunt’s painting The Light of the World . It is based on these words from Revelation “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me.”

Each morning I try to look at the picture , and ask the Lord that , through the working of the Holy Spirit within me , i may hear His knock , hear His voice , and open the door of my heart , of my life to Him , as widely as I can , and welcome Him as He comes to me in various guises during the day .

During Mass one day last week I was thinking how sometimes I don’t open the door very wide because my attention is on something which may be unworthy of such a guest .

Anyway that partially says something of my relationship with Jesus .


Beautiful explanation. Thanks!


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