Relationship with parents


My parents are very anti catholic. They believe the church is the beast, that the pope will have a large part in the “end of days” events, the church is the whore of babylon, etc.

I struggle with how to have a relationship with them. My dad nicely makes fun of christians and catholics and my mom is super passive aggressive. She won’t say anything to me, but she will talk about me behind my back. I heard from a friend of mine that she is scandalized by the picture of the pope in our living room.

They are messianic jews. They believe we are absolutely the last generation and that we should be preparing for the end.

It is tough. They focus more on that, being messianic, and helping the people in their church than their own family. They talk about how when you join the messianic movement, it seems like you have to cut off your family. They just don’t understand and they just treat you differently. It is so hard because they are the ones treating their family differently. The people who are close to strangers get more phone calls and effort than we do. The newsletter gets more time than their children.

Anybody have issues with parents? If only we could make them be who we want them to. Ahh…our kids will be saying this in 20 years too!


So sorry you are going through this. We pray for your healing heart and comfort for the whole family.

Pray for them often and continue to respect them and show kindness even if they do not return the respect. Be strong in your faith and surround yourself with friends, family, or others who are Catholic like you. They can offer support and a place to vent if needed. Perhpas a youth group.

Not much else you can do here except maybe express how much their remarks hurt you and encourage them to discontinue disparaging your feelings - regardless of the faith difference - courtesy is a virtue in every family and faith. Good luck.


I should clairfy that I am a grown woman, 25 and married with a baby. I am the youngest, and it may seem like I am just not grown up enough to make decisions. The transition from teen to adult has been hard for them.


If you’ve read any my posts about my family… wanna trade?

IMO one of life’s greatest injustices is that you can’t choose your own relatives. My biggest fear is I’ll eventually turn into my Dad, and my wife will turn into her Mom. Both are basically good people, but have traits that neither of us want to emulate.

Do whatever you reasonably can to keep them welcome in your heart and your home. Keep the ball in their court. If they choose to not come over or to talk, you have no reason for guilt… the offer was left with them to decide…


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