What is considered medeling by inlaws my girlfriends aunt , cousin , and his live in girlfirend who he has a child with . Always ask her how we are doing , i can’t tell if they mean well or not they don’t come across as liking me but everytime i bring up the issue it turns in to a fight . what do i do .

Could you possibly be a little more clear with the problem? I apologize if English is not your first language. I think you’re saying that your in-laws meddle in your affairs and that you think they’re insincere when they ask how you’re doing? I’d say just try to avoid the fights. If you think that they don’t like you, then just try to be nice and cordial. Try to find out if there is a particular reason that they might not like you, and see if you think it’s a legitimate issue. If so, work to change. If they’re just being rude and petty, then it’s not worth your time.

If you are being outright attacked and offended without provocation then you should mention to your girlfriend and (if necessary) her family that this is something that has to stop and that you’re not going to tolerate abuse. If things don’t improve, then you should ask yourself if this is something that you want to dealing with for the rest of your life. If that answer is a “no”, then I think you need to seriously question whether you want to continue your relationship.

On the other hand, if you feel that you’re struggling with pride and that these conflicts are at least partly the result of your own personal ego, then I think you should work on addressing that before anything else. Learning to turn the other cheek will be an important trait once you’re married, so there’s no better time then the present to start learning how to do it :smiley: .

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