Do we need separate relationships…like one with God one with Jesus and one with the holy spirit or does having one relationship constitute for all 3?

There is only one God.

Yes, but He is of a triune nature, no?

I too often wonder about this. “Do I pray specifically to Jesus? To God? Both? Does one pray to the Holy Spirit?”

It was suggested to me that humans are incapable of truly understanding the sameness, yet the differences between, the three parts of the Godhead and that praying to “God” is fine.

Don’t complicate things for yourself. Simply pray “Dear Gd…" “My Lord…” "Dear J**s…” They all work, Like they say in secular business KISS…“Keep It Simple …”

Agreed! Praying specifically to Jesus is the same as praying specifically to the Father, as Jesus is also God!

Both the OP and you are asking if you pray to God or to Jesus.

Jesus IS God.

Yes, I know that! He’s God the Son, one of the figures of the triune godhead. We were wondering if you should pray equally to God the Father and God the Son, and whether you need to pray to the Holy Spirit as well. Someone mentioned that it doesn’t really matter if you pray to “God” in the generic sense or specifically to Jesus.

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