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I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but I figured I’d try!

My fiance and I have been together for 2 1/2 years, and are about to part for the next three months or so :(. He has an internship and I have a couple of summer programs lined up, so we’ll be busy and meeting new people, but it will be a big change to deal with, especially after spending so much time together when we’re at school.

We’re trying to come up with good ways of dealing with the distance, keeping in touch, and communicating while we’re both away. Letter and email writing will be a staple, and phone calls of course, but we’re wondering what other Catholic couples do to keep in touch spiritually. We’re so used to Mass together, adoration, and praying together, but these won’t be a possibility when we’re so far away.

We’ve been reading JPII’s theology of the body lectures together, so I was thinking we’d keep reading those, even though apart, and talking about them. But I guess I was wondering if anyone has ever done like a distance prayer kind of thing? We can’t pray together, but we kind of can, if we’re praying the same thing with our own intentions. Does anyone know of particular patron saints or prayers for relationships or couples preparing for marriage?

Any other tips or ideas from you long-distancers out there would be helpful, too!



On my Catholic Bridal Forum, Our Lady’s Brides we will be doing a book club discussion of Bishop Fulton Sheen’s, Three To Get Married.

If you would like to join us, please feel free! We would love to have your fiancé participate too, and maybe it’s something you can do together while you are apart.

The summer will go by in a flash for you. My DH and I were separated by 3,000 miles for almost two and a half years, so trust me, three months will be quick! :smiley:

----duh, Rach, you are already a member at OLB- silly me. :blush: I’ll keep this post intact though in case anyone else can use the info. —



Thanks, Liza! I just saw your post about the book club on Our Lady’s Brides. I’ll see if Dan wants to do it, and we’ll see what my circumstances at my service site are this summer as far as internet access goes, but it sounds great :slight_smile:

I’ve been hoping that it will all just go by quickly. We know that it’s good for us, and that we’ll both grow a lot.


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