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I was wondering what you all listen to when you want to relax. I’ve never liked modern, rhythmic music a lot, but when it comes down to it, I really don’t know much about music at all. I know I like something when I hear it, but I can’t ever seem to remember artists names (nor do I usually care enough to start writing names down and such).

I spent some time trying to figure what New Age is a while ago and I figured it would be best to stay away from it as a Catholic. But it seems some people label all relaxation music New Age and I think that’s wrong. The problem is I haven’t really figured out how to tell real New Age music from what is wrongly labeled as such.

Any suggestions would be really welcome. I love Gregorian Chant, but the pieces are mostly very short and not enough to really help you relax.

I LOVE ‘New Age’ music! New Age is just a label, and unless it has a specific definiction referring to something real, don’t be put off by it. Enya is labelled on iTunes as ‘new age’ but I think she’s deeply religous! My favourite Enya tunes are ‘paint the sky with stars’, ‘when evening fades’ and ‘storms in Africa’.

I also like Chicane (really helps me when I’m reading Aquinas!): I love ‘Early’, ‘Low Sun’ and ‘Offshore’. I’d love to hear about some of your favourites!

“New Age” is certainly a label that gets thrown around a lot. Much of my favorite relaxation music is from labels such as Narada and Windam Hill - both to be found under the “New Age” category – but the music is 100% instrumental, usually acoustic, with no words at all. If someone wants to tell me how such melodies alone can be wrong or dangerous or sinful or whatever, I’d like to see them try.


RAchmaninof see](“”)
Rachmaninoff Ave Maria: this music was made in Heaven

The whole Messiah of Haendel: just the lyrics and the music is astounding.
Passion of ST. Mathew: the marterpiece of European Music

Messiaen: the whole music he composed was for God, as he said (difficult, modern)

The Renaissance Palestrina, which you could hear without end, it is difficult to find lists

For you Americans, Dvorjak, Symphonie of the New World

And my favourite piece: Jesu meine freude

As for short plays, download Real Player learn how to work with it and you will have plenty of lists for it makes download directly from Youtube.

If you need hel, just contact me.

I have a lot of New Age CDs and have yet to encounter a song with words. I figure if there are no words, there is no message; just enjoy the melody.

As a general note, spending a lot of money music is not a good idea. When songs are popular, they are on the air; when they have dropped from popularity, they are no longer played on air, and you probably won’t listen to them if you had their recording. If you have satellite tv, you can tune in to a New Age channel. Or you can search for an easy listening radio station.

P.S. One of my favorite all-time easy listening songs is Pachelbel’s “Canon”.

While I wouldn’t listen to music that consisted of, for example, Buddhist or Hindu mantras or anything like that, I do like instrumental + nature noises kinda relaxation music. I have ADD and it helps me unwind.

I even found a CD that combined Gregorian Chant with nature noises - can’t remember the label but it’s called Chants of Serenity. Great stuff.

Actually I play a lot of New Age…but have no new age leanings…it’s relaxing…I think the spiritual aspect in a negative sense may be with certain yoga forms(don’t mean exercise or stretch yoga) there are forms that I would thing harmful to an orthodox catholic…that said…the musics safe…instrumental mostly as a poster already noted …

I also listen to New Age when I want some quiet background sounds for relaxation. Some of the artists’ names and titles of compositions are goofy, but if I don’t look at my XM, I don’t even know what they are.

At night when I go to bed, I put a chant or polyphony CD on and set it to loop all night. Makes me feel like I’m sleeping in a cathedral :smiley:

Several times I am surprised by situations like this. One person asks a question, and another person, searches things to answer the questions correctly and the OP does not appear more, does not say t simple thank you or shorter thks, nothing.

The OP evaporates like water in the hot desert sun.

The first times I noticed, but now I am wondering that as there are people who like to answer and help also there are people who like to put questions just out of boredom…or any other reason… or to make fun…I dont know…

Hey the question was only posted a couple of days ago. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to spend lots of time on the web. She might have gone out of town. Cut the OP some slack!

Oddly, I find some movie scores relaxing to listen to…

Transformers,Gladiator, Hancock,Pirates of the Carribean, Braveheart…

Yeah! I think you are right! Maybe paid the just for the sinner! But as I did not know where to put this, I blew it here. As I have seen this somewhere so many times, it just came to my mind to write it down. I could mention the names oof the fellows who do questions ust for doing when they could serach through Google…

If she appears, I will apologize! But if she does not appear, I will go on trying to help…

Rachmaninov’s Vespers are excellent. I also have a CD my mother got me for my birthday once called “Classical Music for Reading” that had lots of soft piano and violin pieces that are quite relaxing. Debussy and Satie especially.

And Pfaffenhofen, if it’s any consolation, I enjoyed the music you posted, so keep in mind that you may indeed end up helping someone other than the OP.

Mattaeuspassion is great, and I’m certainly open to anything by Rachmaninov (I’m in the process of accruing a decent Rachmaninov collection on my Ipod), but I have to ask, Dvorak’s New World symphony is relaxing? I think it’s kind of intense. I suppose it’s better than trying to relax to Wagner’s Twilight of the Gods though. :slight_smile:

Ok, so here I am again. I apologize for not being more responsive but I’ve had other things on my mind. (If you really want to know have a look at the prayer requests… trying to find better ways to relax is related, of course.) And I haven’t had a chance to listen to all that yet.

Pfaffenhoffen, I know some of the classical pieces you mentioned by name, and I’ve probably heard them before, but I need to link names and music. I’m sorry I didn’t write earlier, and I can understand your annoyance, too. I just haven’t got around to following up my post with concrete steps like downloading the music, etc. I’m slower than most on that account. I don’t even have a radio in my room yet…

For the others, yes I agree about what is often branded as New Age music. If it’s instrumental or nature noises, it’s probably ok.

I also like movie tracks too, sometimes. My brother used to have a bunch, I might get some from him when I see him. He was the reason I never got into music as a teenager: Our rooms were next to each other and he always had his music on quite loud (sometimes louder than I really liked it…), so I just listened to whatever he played. Now I need to figure things out for myself. Silence is beautiful but sometimes a little music might help steering my thoughts along better paths and/or cheer me up or whatever :wink:

John Mandivelle is excellent. I was introduced to him by a CAF member’s daughter about 8 years ago. I dont think any of his cd’s are in stores but you can find them on the cheap at Amazon.
His CD’s have names like serenety and oasis.


Transformers ‘Bumblebee’ I also like ‘Arrival to Earth’.

Hancock ‘Death and Transfiguration’

Pirates of the Caribbean


Southern Gospel.

For some reason, Eastern hymns. Listen to this one:

And this one:

I should have mentioned that the refrain in the last one is “Gospodi Pomilui” which, in Old Slavonic, is “Lord have mercy”. It’s the Slavonic “Kyrie”.

Nujabes was an excellent artist to listen to for relaxation music


Reflection Eternal

My duty: to apologize in the first place for my erroneous insinuations.
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Now, to the real point.
In my earlier post, you click the sentence underlined. It is not just unerlined, it is a link. You click there and you go to music that exemplifies the type of music I mention.
Second: to download, the best is to install Real Player. After you installed, on the top right of each Youtube rectangle, it will pop up a tab that says: “download”. You click there and you have it done. You must see the preferences of Real Player regarding download to know where the directory the videos are falling into, other wise you will be lost.

Any help given if asked.
God Bless You

I regret the insinuation. You won :wink:

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