Release the anger :(


I deserve it not, but please pray for me. I have so much anger built up in me and not the Spirit. OCD controls everything and I just did something horrible. I feel so bad, the anger is too much, too great. Please pray that God will heal me and that everything will be ok, please, I need guidance in my life. I have none, I haven’t had any in so long and all dark negativity is taking over. Please.


Praying for you.:signofcross:


God, please him Your child. Help him through this anger and instead help him to open and fill his entire being with Your love. He is one of your Children and needs Your help. Amen.
I will keep you in my prayers. I found this link on depression and thought you may like to read it. I read it this morning and it helped me a great deal. God Bless You my dear friend.


Hi, your profile tells us that you enjoy Writing/Reading, Playing Guitar, Love Animals-especialy Dogs. I ask the Lord to help you release your anger in the creativity of playing your music, and in reading, in contact with your dog, in positive ways rather than by negative ones.
I ask the Lord to help you accept your limitations peacefully and to help you towards a better self-image as His loved one, so that in appreciating yourself better you are able to appreciate life and others better.

God bless you and give you healing and peace, and healing and peace to others in your life.

God bless you…Trishie.

I do hope you will manage to have a happy Christmas.


I pray that God helps you with your struggles.


May God help you with your struggles. Praying for you to find peace and joy this season…


I’ve discovered my dad has OCD, so I will pray for you.

He likes a lot of the things you do, too, inlcuding guitar playing. OCD can be channeled for good. Trust me on this.


I wish you the best.


I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you.


Still continuing to hold you up in prayer. My own stresses have built up anger and bitterness within me. I am checking out some yoga/meditation classes at the YMCA to help me…and also am vowing to go to our apartment exercise center to help relieve some of my stress. I know I am not supposed to give advice but I thought you may want to check out this too. I am praying for you. Diane


I was given this advice from my priest when I was dealing with my anger towards a former friend who I really cared for and who hurt me very very deeply for a very long time two years in fact. I had so much anger I could not bring myself to forgive him so I went to my priest. My penance was actually to say the Rosary but here’s the catch I couldn’t stop until my anger subsided no matter how long or how many decades it took. It really helps me when I’m angry and I use it whenever I get angry I’ve got the same results from doing the divine mercy chaplet in lieu of the Rosary as well they both work great for me. I hope this helps. You’re in my prayers.


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