Relevant Radio: Drew Mariani - Our Lady's Feast Day, Third Party Politics, Solidarity

Today I was listening to Drew Mariani’s show. And I found a connection on all three topics covered.

The intertwining thread is Solidarity.

The most essential and never important than now request Our Lady asks us is to have Solidarity with Her, Her Son, and His Bride (the Church.) Through the Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart.

For the discussion was with a Marian Priest. The discussion surrounded Our Lady’s request in Fatima Portugal. Which Saint Pope John Paul II did.

The reality the Consecration wasn’t done as a magic wand. The onus is on the people to Consecrate themselves to Our Lady. Let’s consider Her Solemnity today. Here Saint Gabriel, God’s Messenger, brings the Invitation for Mary to be God’s Mother. This perplexes Her. What sort of greeting can this be? That is the invitation we all share. But, it takes our total Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart. She says, “yes.” Magnificat Fiat. Yep, I said, It’s a new term. Made it up today! :wink: Actually, just combined two words together that are precisely to the point about Mary.

The greatest prayer heard in Heaven was this one word “yes.” Or more importantly, “Be it done onto me according to your word.” That was the greatest and marvelous Incense of Prayer the Lord and all the Angels, and all the Witnesses have ever seen. It was the greatest prayer that ever rose to the high estate of God’s Throne: The Lord of Hosts has heard on High.

The Solidarity, or as Saint Pope John Paul II was oft to say: Totus Tuum. Should be with Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

This means knowing the reprehensible offenses that lick Her Heart daily, especially the murder (i.e abortion) of the unborn child. This is most greatest offense to Her Immaculate Heart.

Thus, this new Solidarity Party ought to honestly follow Saint Pope John Paul II. Who Consecrated not only Russia and the World to Her Heart. But he Consecrated his Heart as well in saying: Totus Tuum.

Check out the High Priest’s role, Our Lordship and King, Christ Himself. The priests to serve under the Order of Melchizedek.

Jesus was actually very Totus Tuum to Mary. Finding Jesus in the Temple. And, the Wedding Feast at Cana. And, on the Cross, when He told Saint John the Apostle (His Beloved Apostle) to take in Mary as His own Mother. And likewise, Mary to take him as Her son. This is Total Consecration to Mary.

Without which, there is no solidarity.

Consecration to Mary starts with the family and the home. Consecrate your family to Her Heart.

But beware, anything that opposes defending the right to life of the unborn (in as much as those who offered sacrificing their children int the land of Canaan. Be forewarned! The land of Canaan, the land of Moloch. Did not stand against the Ark of the Covenant.) Just think about… Be Pro-Life at all stages, primarily/uncompromisingly beginning in the womb.

I don’t have to tell anyone really. As tangible and evident as the signs of the wounds Christ bore. God can take full account and give us witness. He will show that you must be Pro-Life. He created life. He can only take life. It is His, not ours to take.

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