Reliable NFP software?

I’ve just had a horrible experience with a software called “iKonceive” - an electronic means of charting temperature readings for NFP. I could greatly use some feedback.

My husband and I have been practicing NFP since converting to the faith. I’d much rather use an electronic program downloadable on my mac, than using the paper and pencil method. We are being faithful in every respect of NFP, including my husband getting up to get the thermometer and helping with recording the temps. Our problem definitely doesn’t include how to practice. :wink:

Can anyone here recommend a reliable software program for mac users?

My problem with iKonceive is that I purchased the activation code for $30, but have been unable to get the company to actually send it. So I have the free downloadable software on my mac, but I can’t use it because they have failed to send me the activation code, despite my numerous emails to request it. I’ve checked my spam filter, given them two different email addresses to contact me, I’ve contacted them at two different email addresses - I’m just at a loss what to do further, other than file a complaint with Pay Pal, which I’ve done. My husband and I are just incredible discouraged about how this situation has evolved. :mad:

Again, we are mac users, so the free Windows programs are invalid in our situation. I have checked iOvulate, but I don’t like that it does not use temperature readings, but rather relies on the rhythm method. I’ve also checked into online programs, but would rather have something stored on my mac in the event we’re out of town/no ISP connection, or some other reason why I couldn’t access the 'net.

Many thanks in advance.


It comes with the book Taking charge of your Fertility which is a great book albiet with some advice that does not conform to Catholic Teaching, it’s biology is sound.

I actually use as mine, but as you say it is online based so you may not want it.

**I have a Mac too and unless I’m missing something (I’m new to Mac) this isn’t compatible. So if you find out that it is or find one that seems just as good (it seems really good) please post!!!


I was going to recommend the 2 Shiann did, but since ovusoft isn’t for Mac, then fertility friend is the only one I can come up with. It’s online, I use it, it’s free but if you want the advanced options, you have to pay yearly or something. But it’s not as great as ovusoft. It has limited things you can input, but if you do STM, then it might work well for you.

Darn, I didn’t even look at system requirements… Sorry ladies! :(:o

If you are trying to conceive, software is fine. But,these programs are not recommended for avoiding.

Stick to manual tracking, it is more accurate.

I use
I used to use Ovusoft, but I switched over to Linux and they don’t play nice.

This one works pretty well for us. Lots of options, stats, etc.


If any of you have an iPhone or iPod Touch there is an application targeted towards the Billings Method in the App Store called “NFP Charting”.

I would also be curious about your general thoughts around an NFP charting tool for mobile devices. I am currently working on a prototype iPhone application for another one of the popular NFP methods and would be interested in having some test users besides just me and my wife.


I’m looking at getting an iPhone or Blackberry in about 5 months (when my current plan expires)… and I use the sympto-thermal method (is that the method for your software?)… I would LOVE to test out your program then!!! :thumbsup:

As for the OP - I just use paper and pencil (for the past 8 years)… so I’m not much help there. :shrug:

I found this when I was doing some NFP research earlier in the year. I have no idea the pros and cons of it.

Hope it helps.

I pay the fertility friend premium… I love it!

I have this one. It’s called CyclePro and it runs on both Windows and Mac. No emailing for an activation code, as it comes with the software.

I have mixed feelings about it, though. My computer doesn’t recognize it when I try to open the program; I always have to “Allow” it to run. Same thing happens when I try to open my saved charts from my desktop. They are in a .stml file, so although they’re there, you have to always open and run the program to get them to open.

Another thing is that the chart is supposed to change colors as you progress from non-fertile, fertile, and back to non-fertile times to help identify your best fertile/non-fertile days. Mine used to work properly, but now they don’t change colors.

When I emailed tech support, they’re great about getting back to you.

It’s got some good features, and is mostly user-friendly, but it just seems like a college student computer programmer wrote the program for a senior project or something. It doesn’t have the professional feel or extensive user-friendliness I would crave in any other computer software.

I agree. CyclePro isn’t so good. It was a waste of money for me other than it supports ccli. I like Fertility Friend (as I had posted back when this was originally posted)…

I, too, hope to someday have a great NFP charting solution that not only works on my Mac, but also my iPhone, iPad, the web, etc…

I’m the developer of Catholic News Live (a mobile app for the iPhone + iPad, and also the website -, and I have been tinkering with the idea of an NFP charting app/website that would be always in-sync…

However, I have been shot down by a few of the different methods’ copyright holders, so I don’t know how much progress I can make.

I registered last year, but so far I have held off on further development due to the fact that none of the methods’ founders are in support of it :frowning:

Hi. I just got here so you will excuse the belated reply.

CCL has just developed a new cloud charting app that supersedes CyclePro. It’s called CycleProGo and runs in a browser. It’s on a subscription, which will cost $40 a year. I’d expect it to go public in April or so.

This whole thread just confirms my skepticism of the whole NFP movement. NFP was traditionally for emergency situations, not a way of life. If you can’t support kids, then don’t get married in the first place is my view.

Various Errors on Moral Subjects, Condemned in a decree of the Holy Office, March 4, 1679: “THE ACT OF MARRIAGE EXERCISED FOR PLEASURE ONLY IS ENTIRELY FREE OF ALL FAULT AND VENIAL DEFECT.” (Denzinger 1159) -Condemned by Pope Innocent XI.

It’s not always that simple. Situations change after marriage, you know. Spouses can lose their jobs or become disabled or have serious medical conditions or any number of things that might constitute a serious reason for attempting to space pregnancies.

Do you consider Paul VI and his successors as heretics?

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