Relic Cards


While browsing through numerous Catholic gift stores, both physically and virtually, I see various prayer cards that contain third class relics of different saints. Would it be considered simony to purchase these relic cards?


No. It is not.


Simony is the selling of ecclesiastical privileges.


CCC 2121 - “Simony is defined as the buying or selling of spiritual things.”


So… spiritual things… corsses, rosaries, holy cards, saints statues, medals… or something else?


We can buy holy card. Relic is gratis.


No. It refers to blessed items. For example, if I buy holy water, it loses its “holy”.

New Advent - It is thus unlawful to exchange ecclesiastical benefices by private authority, to accept any payment whatever for holy oils, to sell blessed rosaries or crucifixes. Such objects lose, if sold, all the indulgences previously attached to them (S. Cong. Of Indulg., 12 July, 1847).


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