relic help

I was given a reliquary recently. The paper inside states “St Gabriel a V. P.” Does anyone know what this signifies? I thought “v” on a relic meant virgin, but this isn’t usually used for men, is it?

In the same reliquary is a relic for Paul of the Cross, who was a Passionist. I was wondering if this Gabriel was Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, who was also a Passionist and is my patron saint.

So what is “A V. P.” ?

Can I ask where you this relic? Please tll me it wasn’t ebay.

I sometimes see it to mean Vincentian Priest. Has anyone else?

I thought that was S.V.P.

It is S. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows indeed; in Latin his name is ‘S. Gabrielis a Virgine Perdolente’.

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